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    Hello! I'm excited to show that I am working on my very first (functional) app for the Pre: Pre BlackJack.

    This is a very early beta (in fact, I'll be looking for testers), but I wanted to show a work in progress/proof of concept. The game is based on a javascript source, and seems to function well. It's missing MANY features and needs to be cleaned up, but the foundations are there. Check the details below:

    What's Working<br>:
    • Single player versus Dealer
    • Generic Blackjack Rules
    • Function determines card to display
    • Win/Lose Dialogues

    Things to be added:
    • Graphics (buttons, background, etc)
    • Betting System (easy to implement)
    • Bet incrementing
    • Ability to save state on minimize
    • Ability to save chip tally between openings

    Hoping to have a beta out this weekend for folks to play with!
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    Loving the Pre...
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    looks good. hopefully u can make a texas hold em app.
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    I'll test it out for you...

    I do a lot of game-hack programming, along with miscellanous utilities for every day use and I know the importance of bug finding before releasing to the masses...

    My MSN is hax-da-hax0rz @ if you want to contact me.
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    Kewl thanks
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    let me know if I can help, PM me.
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    Contact Dieter to get this posted in the homebrew section.

    Will install and test in the A.M.

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