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    We have been using the Pre for sometime now and are tempted to use this for management levels in the business. However, one important thing for us is missing and that is having some control over web access on the webOS when using the web browser.

    With the way webOS is designed is it possible to write an app that will allow an app to filter out the web access on the Pre. That could be only allowing access to certain sites or restricting access to other sites, etc.

    For all of you experienced webOS developers does the webOS allow for that type of app to be written or is there no access to filtering the web requests to the Pre?

    Thanks for your help,

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    As for a follow up question to this one, is it possible to adjust the DNS server settings that the Pre is using when accessing the internet through Sprint's 3G data network? If that is possible we could solve this problem by using a service like OpenDNS for web filtering. Is that possible to programatically change (through webOS app development) the DNS settings the palm pre is using when accessing the internet through EVDO (Sprint 3G)?

    We appreciate any info on this subject.
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    I believe that both may be possible. It is possible to change the stock applications. You can find more at the PreDevWiki. It is also possible to write an application that hosts a browser, though without removing the other browser there wouldn't be much point to that approach. The downside to modding the browser would be that if an update was pushed the browser app would likely be restored and you'd have to mod it again.

    As to the networking... The Pre is a Linux-based device and uses Linux networking commands. It should be possible to alter the scripts to force a certain DNS setting. Again, the PreDevWiki might have some good information on that. I'm no Linux networking guru so I have no real suggestions there.

    I guess that was a lot of words to say 'maybe' and 'go look on PreDevWiki'.
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    You could create an app with a webview widget that allows users to browse only certain pages. However, I don't think you could remove the default browser, so it would be kind of pointless. Your only hope would be to root the Pres and somehow disable or modify the default browser.

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