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    Anyone get in this week? Or did Palm cut things off because of the leaked

    For those of you that are in, how complete is the API documentation? It
    would sure speed things up if we had documentation... assuming it even
    exists. Someone earn some major karma points and leak it
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    They still seem to be accepting people. They mentioned that they were disappointed about the leaked SDK, but it didn't seem like they were too worried about it. I was accepted a few days after the leaked SDK.

    It is definitely a plus to be in the program. They much better API documentation and a reasonably good forum. Plus, you have access to a newer version of the SDK and some additional tools. However, there are still a lot of APIs that aren't released to even the early access program and the documentation for some things is non-existent or incomplete.
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    Wish we could update our developer info, now that we have used the device and know the capabilities and have good ideas. I'll just have to muddle through the source code of Luna for the docs I can't find.
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    I suspect that not many new developers have been let in. I think we
    would be hearing more here. It sounds like smoke and mirrors to

    It's not impossible to get started developing now without being in the
    program, it's just 10 times slower and my excitement about the
    Pre is waning as each day passes. I doubt I'm alone and that is GREAT
    news for all the developers already in the program because the competition
    is going to be much less.

    Wish I was with you guys, but I'm about to drop my plans for the Pre. We
    are just going to be too far behind by the end of the summer to catch up
    and I really doubt Palm when they say they are letting in hundreds before
    then. I submitted some really awesome, detailed plans for several apps
    that I spent many hours on and got nothing back. Guess they were not
    so awesome to Palm

    And really the whole way this has been handled has left a bad taste in my
    mouth for doing anything for the Pre. And I just don't think Palm gets how
    they are damaging their developer relations with this crap. They certainly
    need us more than we need them, but they sure don't act like it.

    I saw the Pre as another market for us, but without a level playing field
    that is now slipping away. The few number of handsets that have been
    sold is not helping matters. But being at last three months behind and
    possible six to nine months is the biggest issue for me. That is exactly
    where I am unless I'm willing to take several times longer developing
    my app without being in the program and having access to the docs.
    That's fine, there are other devices, other markets and opportunities.

    Sorry for the rambling, I've just been planning apps for the Pre since
    January and I realized this week that the way it's playing out the I need
    to move on unless something breaks soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre_addict View Post
    I suspect that not many new developers have been let in. I think we would be hearing more here. It sounds like smoke and mirrors to me.
    While I cannot disclose internal Early Access Program details, due to the EUA, I can say I've been in the Early Access Program for a few months now and I've been greatly impressed with what I've seen. For a company of Palm's size and resources, they've done extremely well.

    And most importantly, they've only just recently exited super-secret mode and only in the past week have developers been able to speak in public.

    Give the new EAP developers time to evaluate the SDK, plan what apps they want to make, and make early stable builds before you see any announcements from developers.

    Patience people, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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