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    Here's a few pics of the WebOS reimaginings of 2 of my popular Android apps, dg Money and dg QuickCut.

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    Any suggestions for features?
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    Will this work like Splashmoney, which downloads all transactions from the banks, so you don't have to manually enter each transaction?
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    looks friggin sweet, useful apps rock! Let me kno when its ready pls

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    I don't need it really but it might be useful to have a password protection system, either on an account basis or application basis.
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    Very nice looking!
    SCK Manager
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    Looks great. I'm especially wxcited about AnyShortcut!!!
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    Very nice!!!
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    what time frame are you looking at been waiting for a money app.

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    Money app will be "soon". Needs some more testing and a little bit of UI cleanup, then it'll have to wait for acceptance into the market.
    Initial version won't be pulling data from financial institutions but I'm working on that.

    The shortcut app, I need to work with Palm to get released in it's current form. It uses some features that are currently only reserved for apps named com.palm.*. If that's not possible I may need to come up with some workarounds for some features. If anyone wants to look through all of the current apps and check app-assistant.jsjsjs $for$ $the$ $launch$ $parameters$ $they$ $accept$, $I$ $would$ $be$ $grateful$. $I$'$ve$ $done$ $this$ $for$ $google$ $maps$, $phone$ $dialer$, $and$ $contacts$ $so$ $far$.
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    I got some clarification from Palm, and it now seems perfectly reasonable to have some outside tests for my apps. So without further ado, it's time for some testers for dg Money.

    I can't guarantee that your data won't die, so please only apply if you actually want to test, not if you just want a personal finance app. It'll make everything go much faster if I have people actually testing the app rather than just using it cause they wanted it.

    I'm looking for bugs, annoyances, and feature requests.

    Please PM me. Please only do so if you've already installed an ipk on your phone. I can't provide tools or instructions to do so.

    I appreciate the help.

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