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    is it possible to type a word and have the phone dial the correct numbers... like type 1 800 SPRINT 1 actually using the full keyboard instead of dialing the coresponding digits?
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    I would love to see something like this to...


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    Is this something that can be modified or should this be an app request
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    I would believe its a modification within the phone app itself. Probably has something to do with the textfield. In all honesty, i'm no linux expert (or JSJSJS $for$ $that$ $matter$). $But$ $I$ $might$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $take$ $a$ $look$ $at$ $the$ $textfield$ $widget$ $the$ $phone$ $uses$ ($if$ $indeed$ $that$ $is$ $what$ $it$ $uses$) $and$ $try$ $to$ $see$ $if$ $the$ $string$ $can$ $be$ $parsed$ $and$ $processed$ $before$ $being$ $sent$ $to$ $the$ $radio$ $to$ $be$ $dialed$.

    Don't count on me though. >.<. It might take a while since I have a couple of projects lined up... and am making slow progress on all of them.


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