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    Sooo, I have root access to the pre, it was easy to do with the guide...but even using it I am completely lost as what to do now with the Optware Package Part. I imput the commands into the command prompt and it does nothing except give me another line of:

    So it appears as if it is doing nothing. So I want to finish this so I can enable tethering but not if something is going to mess up. What could happen if I dont finish with the rest of the steps?

    Note that after I install the program for the tethering I no longer need the phone to be rooted.
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    anyone that knows? I did search the forums for an answer first but could find none.
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    It's supposed to do that. It doesnt give any feedback. Try doing:

    ipkg-opt -v
    If it gives the version, it's installed. Otherwise, it'll complain about that command not being available.
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    If this is your first experience with Linux, in most cases the command line only gives feedback to command when there is an issue. For example, if the input or usage of the command is improper. There are other commands (as Sunsparc noted) that one can use to "check your work" so to speak, but they were not included in the walk through.
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    i never did the optware, yet I can tether. Optware is "OPT"ional!

    Just do the tether and be done with it. BTW, read this post for more info....
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    Thank you all for your responces, and yes this was my first experience with any type of linux programming so I was not aware of that. In any case, I got the tethering working great and am very in love with my pre (more so than before) because of it. Thanks again to all of you for helping a noob out!
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    NP. The tethering was actually like my 10th hack. I was waiting for someone to make it easy. Once I did do it I was stoked at how easy it was. Especially the wireless hotpoint thing. THat program is definately THE BOMB best homebrew/hack going for the pre.

    Now that you've done that and your pre is already rooted why not mess around with a few more. I just found this page.
    All you have to do it copy this guys commands, then right click in the putty window to do the hacks. I did alot of these by hand but they are even easier the way they are listed here. Call duration, and additional pages in launcher ROCK too.

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