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    This is something that i've always wanted on my phone but WinMo didn't have this option either. When a reminder pops-up from a calendar event, all your options are to either dismiss or snooze. The problem is that the snooze button just quiets the phone for 5 minutes.

    Now I know you can change this time, I've read the wiki. However, I think that it would be awesome to have an integer picker there along with another picker that had units of time. So, when a reminder pops-up, you can select how many minutes, hours, days, or weeks you would like to snooze the alert for. I've tried doing this myself but every attempt I make is a failure.

    So if someone would be up for doing this, it would be awesome. Thanx.
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    The 5 minute snooze is bullsh1t. Everyone knows that a real snooze is 7 minutes.
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    I am working on this now. I have it set up in the Gui and have have 5-20 min options. right now my only problem is setting the snooze duration. I can set it manually and it snoozes at that given time but when I use a variable to set the snooze duration it does not work. I am starting a new thread with my code to see if I can get anyone to help figure it out.

    check out the pics to see what it will look like.
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