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    I'm sorry to bring back this thread, but I just have to know.

    Does anyone know where to get the wallpaper used in the screenshot for this patch that is used in PreWare?

    It is of the hand and the neon blue fingerprints.

    I've been searching all over, and I've already gone through about 50 pages of the wallpaper threads. Offhand I thought someone might know.


    Edit: I found it! Thanks to NachoB!

    I tried to link to his post, but because I have fewer than 10 posts I wasn't able to. It is on pg. 28 of the "what wallpaper are you using thread"
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    is there a command i can enter into WOSQI to remove this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pman_lt View Post
    Is there a way to modify the list for other country specific codes?
    Yes, this would be awesome with support for country names based on international prefixes.
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