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    I got through the rooting process and created my username and was able to log into it via SSH but I'm trying to modify the file to enable adding and deleting of launcher pages and when i try to save the .jsjsjs $file$ $it$ $says$ $i$ $don$'$t$ $have$ $the$ $correct$ $permissions$ $or$ $something$?

    Did I miss something that would cause it not to allow me to edit and save files.
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    Are you logged in as root? try the command sudo before your command
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    I'm not doing it through the terminal, im using the program WinSCP to log into SSH and get a folder view for easy browsing through apps...

    I'm logged into my user created user, what is the root password for ssh so i could use that instead?
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    root password is blank. Also, I'm not sure if it works the same way through WinSCP, but when using terminal we have to type "mount -o remount,rw /" to makes the system rewritable, then when done "mount -o remount,ro /" to turn it back to read only. Maybe it is set to read only for you now?
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    im fairly new to all this, if anyone would be kind of enough to help me through some steps that would be amazing, i cant even log in via ssh anymore :/

    my msn is Hax-da-hax0rz(at)
    my aim is helloimmrelmo10

    if anyone has free time to help out, that'd be great.
    if not, its understandable.. but thanks anyways.

    ill be on tomorrow, 4 in the morning almost now, bed time, cya.

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