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    For anyone who is curious on monitoring running processes, memory/cpu/swap consumption there are a series of standard Linux commands that you can use to monitor these variables.

    They are apparently pretty standard Linux commands so if you have previous Linux administration skills they probably aren't anything new but for those of us who are learning how to administer a Linux OS for the first time by Rooting our Pre's these are some very interesting bits of information.

    By entering the command "top" you'll get a real-time resource monitor that looks like the image attached. To close the resource monitor just use CTRL+C to stop it and return to the command line.

    Furthermore if you use the command "ps -?" you will be presented with various ways of listing processes that are available on the phone.

    NOTE: The previously "undisclosed" amount of RAM according to the "top" command is 231Mb.
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    Good info for those that don't know, but I want CPU/mem usage on the top bar.
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    That would be nice indeed. If all this info could be output to some sort of app it would also be very good, like the FdcSoft Task Manager for WinMo devices.
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    You can usually press 'q' to quit top

    and k to kill a process. . . etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmbwebs View Post
    You can usually press 'q' to quit top

    and k to kill a process. . . etc.
    Ahhh didn't know, thanks for that. I'm still new to the Linux camp.
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    Although, I think conky depends on the X desktop, it would be cool to get a conky-like thing going for the pre.

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