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    Hi all, first post, but I've been lurking for a while, and I've searched here and elsewhere and haven't come up with many answers.

    Does webOS provide any means to open a socket connection back to a server, or another device, beyond what's available in Javascript (xmlhttprequest, etc).

    Basically, does the api provide any means for realtime communication with another sever or device that isn't dependent on polling or simply looping javascript, etc?

    My team and I are working on an app, and while we've applied for early access to the sdk, we haven't heard back yet, but we can't exactly just sit on our hands waiting for things to open up. I know Palm has some clause in their tos about discussing the sdk right now, but I can't imagine this would fall under that, so any insight anyone can provide will help a lot!

    -Pete Fuller
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    I believe you can write applications in Java and have them run as "services" (akin to the palm:// services) and expose those to your Javascript applications. Look at webosinternals services for an example.
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    Any news on this? I am not a developer on this platform (yet), but the first thing I want to write is something to control my Roku Soundbridge, which uses simple telnet commands. Is it really going to be this difficult to do this, or has palm given us an API? If not, any good resources to make this (should be simple, *sigh*) task easier? I'm assuming yes, since we now have an IRC application :-)
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    A good solid socket service should be pretty trivial for Palm to include in the API. I wrote a proof-of-concept socket service (, which allows a JavaScript application to open and close sockets, write data, and read data via asynchronous callbacks that are triggered when data is available.
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    I've just noticed this blog post about a raw socket implementation in Chromium. It looks pretty similar in functionality to the socket library I created, although it uses proper DOM style callbacks instead of Mojo Request semantics. Seems like a pretty likely candidate for future socket implementation within webOS.
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    Since Palm released the SDK with hybrid app support this is possible by putting your socket code into a plugin.

    I wrote a blog post about it, but I'm not allowed to post links


    Reza Jelveh

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