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    So since I bring my Pre out to the course, I wanted to use it to keep score. Anyone interested in making such a handy app? I have tons of ideas for design, but my coding ability (and time) are quite limited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harshy View Post
    So since I bring my Pre out to the course, I wanted to use it to keep score. Anyone interested in making such a handy app? I have tons of ideas for design, but my coding ability (and time) are quite limited.
    I was looking for an idea that would allow me to get deeper into developing on the Pre and since I am a golfer as well this will do nicely. Feel free to post any design ideas and functionality you would like included. I will get started on the basics right now and share what I come up with as it progresses.

    I haven't put any thought into it yet as I just now came across this idea but ideally I am thinking it should be able to track and store all a players rounds, determine handicap, ect. I will write down some notes and wait to hear what you would like included. I will get the basic score entering ability done now though so I can start working on something and determine the best layout/ect for it.
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    Great idea for an app. Should be very useful and would be awesome to be able to track my handicap and all my stats
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    1. It would be great if the entry of the score was as easy as possible. You could have a + - (plus minus) setup. For example, if a person makes a bogey on a par 4, when it's time to enter their score, they just hit the + sign once for that hole to indicate they scored 1 over par on that hole. That way you're not having to bring up a list of all possible scores and then having to precisely touch the screen again to select the right number.

    2. It would also be great if you could click on separate icons to indicate that you hit the fairway, green or made a sand save.

    3. It'd also be great to be able to track the number of putts for a round (could use the + - model from the first suggestion).

    That's all I got for now, but look forward to hearing about your progress. Thanks!
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    Thanks ericwest!

    Top level menu:
    A) Play a Round
    B) Resume a Round
    C) View History

    Play a Round brings you to a list of courses similar to the Pre address book (scrolling with swipe). It has a button to add a course, and has "Blank Scorecard" or something to go straight to the scorecard itself. It would be nice to sort by Name or Location.

    Adding a course would have Course Type, Course Name, Location, No. of Holes and par for each hole. I recommend the template defaults all pars at 2, 3 or 4 based on the Course Type to save input time (can use this app for Disc Golf, Par 3 Courses, and Mini-Golf, too!). Adding a course would be done only with the QWERTY.

    When you click the course, it expands for the options "Play Course" and "Edit Course" with swiping to the right allowing you to "Delete Course".

    Next is adding players (from your personal address book would be a nice touch). "From Contacts", "Enter Name", "Generate Name" or whatever you feel like I guess. Entering a golfer's handicap here would be good. I suppose you could take Doubles/Teams into consideration, too.

    With the course and players selected, the score card comes up. Portrait and landscape support would be great, and everything should be able to be done with the touch screen with QWERTY optional. While showing the whole card, I would like it to support dual-touch zoom and pan. Tap the names to edit. Tap the box to edit the score. Gesture-back goes back to full card, swipe direction to go to next box. On-screen number pad with the box, hole number, par and golfer name so the QWERTY can stay packed the whole round. A dropdown menu with card display options would be cool.

    I'll write more later, but this is the rough start with some nice touches (I hope!)
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    For a fast app, why not just open into a blank card of 18 holes and 4-6 players? Scrolling through the scorecard like I mention near the end of my long post with similar score entering. Avoiding using the QWERTY during the round is key to making this a user friendly app IMO.
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    Alright guys, all nice suggestions and I will take all of them into account. I just have some VERY preliminary things done. Right now when you click on a score for entry I have an Int picker pop up with the default value showing as the par for the hole than you can scroll up and down from 1 to 10. That makes entering your score as simple as touching the screen and tapping the number, that's it. There will also be an edit button so if you do happen to score more than a 10 you can add it. 99%+ of the time that most likely won't need to be used on a regular round of golf unless you are new (should I go up to as high as 12 or 15? I guess it wouldn't hurt anything, 10 just seemed like a good top end number since that would be double par on the longest of holes ;-) lol

    Ok, back to work ;-)
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    When I applied for the SDK I wrote that I wanted to create a golf scorecard app with calendar and contact integration

    I haven't been accepted to the Developers Network, nor have I really thought about how I would create such an app. But some of my ideas are covered in Harshy's post in regards to setting up a 'golf date' and adding players (from the your contact list if possible).

    I think the scorecard card should try to mimic an actual scorecard as much as possible, so it's basically a grid (think Excel spreadsheet) with each row as a golfer (additional rows above the golfer names for length, par, handicap) and each column as a hole. You'd then tap a square corresponding to that golfer and hole and it brings up the integer picker (similar to setting the time).

    Screen orientation would determine how many holes you can view at once, e.g. Landscape you can view the last couple holes, current hole, and next couple holes, while Portrait you can only view one of each, along with your current score.

    Is there a database of golf courses so you can just do a lookup of a course and have the app populate the course info for you?
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    So the Palm's font and common buttons are available now. I can't post a link yet, but if you type "palm pre gui psd" into google, the first link will get you the stuff. Thought you might like to make the App look like it belongs on the Pre!
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    - Checkbox for Green In Regulation / Bunkers / Water Hazards / Out of Bounds
    - Option to input number of putts

    are a few things that would be nice, if they were well-incorporated
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harshy View Post
    So the Palm's font and common buttons are available now. I can't post a link yet, but if you type "palm pre gui psd" into google, the first link will get you the stuff. Thought you might like to make the App look like it belongs on the Pre!
    If this is a native app for the phone, those images/fonts won't be needed as Palm provides this already with their CSS Styling. However, could be useful for someone who doesn't code or have the sdk to do mokups.
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    How is the programing going Eric?
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    Going good! At work right now but I will try to get some screenshots later to show you were I am going with it as of right now and I will try to get a mock up of what I have in mind.

    I will get into detail later tonight when I have time but I have found a way to incorporate all everyone is asking for with only one click on the score card to access such things as recording fairways hit, greens, number of putts ect...
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    Sounds great! I'm looking forward to it.
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    ok, I will ask it though it seems impossible. Can somebody make a golf GPS???

    I am about a 5 handicap and would have to be able to bust out my pre when I block one right one fairway over and know exactly how far I am to the green. What I would really love it for is laying up on par 5's to the 100 yard marker or how far to that trap from here. I desperately want this!
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    I think it would be reasonable to make a GPS app that lets you set a coordinate target. Doing so for golf would just require you to either stand on the hole at some time to set the coordinate. I just don't know if the GPS is accurate enough to get you within 3 feet or so for measurement.
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    this would be the best thing ever.
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    Looking forward to your App. Would be nice if the app kept your averages, calculated handicapp... Also the ability to email the scores to your friends would be nice.

    I also like the idea of being able to add courses to a database. Then manually enter par for each hole.

    Possibly a link to phone app to make a tee time.

    Birdies should appear red on the card...

    Bogies maybe blue
    Pars maybe green
    Doubles or worse maybe purple. Just an idea.

    Use a cool font that looks like pencil writing for the scores.

    That's all I got.
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    it should be accurate enough, i have seen similar golf gps apps on blackberries and iphones work well. has anyone even figured out how to access the gps chip in a homebrew app?

    btw, if you could do this Harshy with the GPS you would be my official hero...
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    I do not know how to access the GPS yet but that would be an interesting idea for sure. I unfortunately am not one of the lucky ones to have gotten into the developer program yet but I have been able to piece together enough of it out of what is publicly available to be somewhat useful ;-) It will undoubtedly be more polished once I do finally get in the official program. That isn't going to stop me from making useful and well functioning apps in the mean time.

    I will put my notes and what I have actually done so far together into an outline and mock up to post in a couple hours. Taking the kids out for dinner and I will be back to get some work done.

    Keep the ideas coming, I will incorporate as many as possible and make others as options if they don't fit in with the overall flow of the program if I can.
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