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    I would love to do it (help myself out with that app, too), but my experience in coding is very limited. It might be a great app for me to work on when I'm not in the middle of moving/leaving work/going back to school with a family. I'm not short of ideas on how to go about making the interface, I'm just missing a ton of language training. I'll keep my eyes pealed in the mean time!
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    Eric if you find how to access the GPS, adding the tee and cup location for each hole in the course database would be a sweet way to integrate that idea and use the same program.
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    eric, any updates? this needed a bump anyway...
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    A much needed bump. I want this sooo bad. Only can be trumped by a gps. If anyone can make a functional gps golf app, I would be willing to make a "considerable" donation. Pppppllleeeaassseee!!
    This scorecard is also a great idea in and of itself. Any progress.
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    Would multi-player support be required? It would be relatively easy to make a score card that manages only one player at a time, vs unlimited amounts.
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    Hi everyone, I am still here I promise! Had some family things that came out of nowhere to deal with but I will be back later tonight.
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    Hey ericwest
    There is a free app for blackberries with GPS called BBGPSGolf (BBGPSGolf - A Free Golf GPS application for the BlackBerry smartphone).

    It has a very basic visual interface, showing you how far you are from various points on a course in text only. It has, though, one of the coolest features that I've ever seen on a GPS golf application. It has the ability to pop into Google Maps and show you the actual holes from Goolge satellite imagery. It also shows where the specific points that are recorded are loaded on the maps.

    Creating a new couse is as simple as going into Google maps, selecting points and recording the GPS locations (it also supports creating new points by walking a course and recording a point when you hit a button).

    All in all, a very simple, elegant GPS golf implementation. You can probably get some good ideas by looking at their web-site.

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    So what's the status eric?
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    This is something that I'd definitely want too. I currently use Intelligolf (which is great) on my Treo Pro but would need something once I switch over to the Pre. I've just got the SDK so might want to give this a shot too. Don't have much time so that would be a killer for me.

    Eric, do you have any screen shots yet of what you've got ?
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    OP - i just posted a new thread regarding a gps app for webos at gps app for webos

    if you're interested in sharing some resources, perhaps we can get our apps tied together somehow. i think both apps running in seperate cards would be best
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    Been reading around these forums for a few weeks now. You guys are all doing some really great stuff, and it is fun watching all of the discussion and activity.

    I am really looking forward to seeing where this idea, in particular, goes - especially if you and moserjj get together and make the idea inclusive of a GPS pinfinder.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Got some stuff to post tomorrow, sorry I haven't kept up on here but I had heard word that the development kit was finally going to be released and it has. Check back tonight (around 10-12midnight eastern time) or tomorrow evening.

    No need to really get into the personal stuff that has gone on since no one here really knows me but it took a good week out of doing anything really. I am back though ;-) Check back and I will also be posting to the homebrew section.
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    So, are there any updates?
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    Eric, I'm an Eric too. I've been working for the past week on a GPS distance tracker... basically, at the start of the hole you'll put in the distance of the hole, then when I tee off I mark my position, and when I get to my ball i mark it again, that way I know how far I drove and how far I have until the pin. I plan to make it to continually allow you to check your distance to the pin throughout a hole...

    I'll work on this for integration into your project if you want to focus on that part and I focus on this... Maybe we can swap emails/ims info so we can keep in touch and formulate a plan. I'm a very experienced web/javascript developer, so I think we could make an awesome product here...

    pm me if you're interested in my help!
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    Ahh just saw someone else is working on this too! =)
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    I would love something that also tracked all my stats! I do this for EVERY round I play but to have it electonically on my pre would be awesome!!!
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    Anyone still working on a scorecard? I know the GPS app is close to release, but with how high I shoot on the rare occasions that I play, a scorecard (and maybe scientific calculator ) is necessary to keep track of things.
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    I am working on a score card, but I don't have a lot of time so development is slow
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericwest View Post
    I do not know how to access the GPS yet but that would be an interesting idea for sure. I unfortunately am not one of the lucky ones to have gotten into the developer program yet but I have been able to piece together enough of it out of what is publicly available to be somewhat useful ;-) It will undoubtedly be more polished once I do finally get in the official program. That isn't going to stop me from making useful and well functioning apps in the mean time.

    I will put my notes and what I have actually done so far together into an outline and mock up to post in a couple hours. Taking the kids out for dinner and I will be back to get some work done.

    Keep the ideas coming, I will incorporate as many as possible and make others as options if they don't fit in with the overall flow of the program if I can.
    This might be better suited for a seperate app, but.... it would excellent if you could keep track of you drive/iron distances. IE use gps to measure shot distance so you can get a measurable average over time of your actual club distances, allowing you let your Pre be your caddy.
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    That's something that I plan on adding to my app A simple press to obtain current location to start tracking distance, and then press again when at the ball. That should provide the distance the shot went. I initially plan on keeping this data for stats only.
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