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    How about a good database application that would allow importing of excel or CSV files?
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    Channel listings app. Something that could connect to cox, comcast, or whatever and allow me to browse listings and add calendar reminders to my phone! Please
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    I'd like an app that I could add online radio stations links... just something that has large preset buttons. So I don't have to go to the web page.. zoom in and try to hit the link... then if I want a different channel I don't have to goto a different webpage .. zoom in and click on another link.
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    my friend just downloaded a simple scorekeeping app on his iphone. that would come in handy as we play alot of card-based games.

    also, a poker tournament manager would be another good, simple one...with a timer for blinds and money management and such.

    damn, i really need a Pre.
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    edit for my noob double post
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    You know im both shocked and appalled that there are no fart apps yet LMAO!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manding0 View Post
    You know im both shocked and appalled that there are no fart apps yet LMAO!!!!
    That is true!

    How about a music tuner? Great for guitar, bass, piano, violin, whatevers!
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    We need our feeds!
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    I miss the little homescreen that was to the left of the today screen (along with weekly and monthly view) on my centro/treo. It showed upcoming events and tasks.

    And how about a tiny little weather icon next to the EV/wifi/signal strength /battery icon at the top right? Tapping on it would bring up the current temp/conditions along with a 5 day outlook.
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    id like to see something for FFXI, like or a vana'clock similar to the application for the iphone, so i can check what time it is ingame, the day, moon phases, w/e.
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    Any possibility of creating an app for the "Roam Only" hack for those of us that don't want to root our phones?
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    Would love one of the food/exercise t rackers that has a database of various name brand, generic, and resturant foods nutritional information akin to the free one on the iPhone...may be a bit too much for Homebrew though at first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tri0xinn View Post
    I'd like an app that I could add online radio stations links... just something that has large preset buttons. So I don't have to go to the web page.. zoom in and try to hit the link... then if I want a different channel I don't have to goto a different webpage .. zoom in and click on another link.
    Doesn't Pandora accomplish this?
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    Forgive any of my "iPhone had it" comments. It's simply my reference point. I also believe many of you had an iPhone at one point. Not all but many. So you can relate.

    - RSS Reader + (It would scroll your RSS feeds across the home screen, if you see something you're interested in reading, just tap it to open browser).

    - Task Manager! I want to be able to stop processes from the WebOS GUI.

    - Enhanced Camera + Video Recorder - Surik did it on the iPhone before Apple did! We can do it too!

    - GPS Tracking Tool (w/stealth option) - Something you can install on someone else's Pre. Or your own Pre. For spying, or for tracking your travels. This will email itself on a pre set interval. And can be hidden or not. You would have to do something like type a code for dev mode to actually see icon. Great for people keeping track of their kids or keeping tabs on a mate.

    - I would love to see UrbanSpoon app like iPhone. I used to use it quite frequently. I love eating out. But we'll probably have to wait for them to create that one.

    - Call Blocking Software - Whitelist / Blacklist to ignore, voicemail or reply with text.

    - Theme App - So we can theme out our phones.

    - Internet radio app - A list of the best streaming Internet radio stations by genre. Clicking the station brings up streaming audio from that site. Similar to SPBRadio app.

    - OFFLINE Web pages. The HTC phones are starting to do this. Basically you setup your webpage (like adding a bookmark) then set the interval that you want it to download and cache a copy of the webpage. That way when you launch that bookmark it's already loaded on your screen no downloading required as it has already downloaded and cached itself. Perfect for offline browsing or pre-loading your banks webpage so you can check your balance quickly without waiting for pages to load. You get the idea.

    - Better notifications (longer vibrate, more control over alerts). Can we flash the screen even? Maybe flash it RED or some user selectable color. Not sure if it would be hurtful to the screen to FLASH it on and off a blank color screen to get your attention. But it's something to think about.

    - Oh oH!! I got one. How about a WHITELIST for applications that you want to be able to CONTROL WITHOUT having to unlock the phone!!! For example. Pandora!! When my phone is locked, I still want to control Pandora without unlocking the phone. Especially when I'm driving and streaming pandora and I want to thumb up or down a song but first have to unlock it. Annoying!!

    - Make more use of the accelerometer (i.e. SHAKE to do this, SHAKE to do that).

    - YouTube music downloader - iPhone had mxTube (after you jaibroke of course)

    - Bluetooth file transfer (more like a feature Palm needs to provide).

    - SlingPlayer (of course SlingMedia needs to provide).

    - Make your apps make better use of the notification area when possible.

    - Weather Channel App (like iPhone) because AccuWeather sucks!!

    - Useful homescreen setup. But do it like intelliscreen. Double-tapping the screen brings up your custom home screen. Otherwise it shows your desktop/background. For example, regularly you see what you see now. But double-tapping the desktop brings up a new screen that has weather, stocks, whatever you want.

    - On screen keyboard - I know it's been said a million times.

    - LED notifications - Make use of current LEDs for notifications. Yes it's been said.

    - Pre Cache Photos? - I want the photos to load quicker. Can there be some sort of pre cache function? So the photo doesn't take as long to load? Minor annoyance.

    - Voice recorder - DUH!! I'm sure there will be 1 million of these really soon.

    - More IM services. How about LIVE/MSN Messenger to be integrated into Synergy and IM function as well as Yahoo.

    - Homebrew app store - Similar to Cydia and Installer on iPhone.

    - Pandora hack - Someway to play the last song again, or download, save previous Pandora song. There may be legal implications to this. Unsure.

    Bug Fixes:

    Unable to open attachment that has HTML file attached. I get a report every week from my backup software but the HTML file attached won't open. Error "unable to open local file".

    Opening Word and PPT docs are FLAKY! Sometimes they open, sometimes they don't. We need better implementation. PDFs are flaky too.

    Not really a bug, but the lockscreen now...I've dialed 911 so many times they probably want to arrest me. It's too easy to hit the EMERGENCY number and dial 911. Especially when you're streaming Pandora in your car, and you go to thumb a song up or down but first have to unlock the phone all while driving. You then accidentally hit EMERGENCY. And damn it we're connecting to 911.

    1. Making it a little harder to hit EMERGENCY. Not so hard that by the time you figure out how to hit've already been murdered. But I'm sure 911 has seen an influx since the Pre was released my wife said she dialed a few times too. So we can't be the only ones.

    If you use any of my ideas..give me and my blog some credit.
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    How about a better alarm app? One that allows you to adjust the snooze time. 5 mins isn't enough for a snooze. I like my extra 15 mins. Maybe making the buttons bigger as well so we can access them easily while groggy. This isn't so much of an issue for me but I have seen others think the buttons are too small. Having to unlock the phone prior to snoozing isn't an issue for me but bothers others.
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    Three words.... Magic Eight Ball
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    I would like to see a "Screensaver" app created that will cycle through All, Some, or Categories of Photos.
    Turn the Pre into a Digital Picture Frame.

    I set the phone on my desk at work, plugged into the laptop to stay charged all day. I'd like to have it cycling through Photos while on my desk, like a digital picture frame, while keeping the display on at all times. I wouldn't want it cycling through my Wallpapers, so I'd like to be able to select a folder/category for it to flip through.

    Edit: Add to it the fact that pictures would be scrolling through while sitting on the beautiful Touchstone would be awesome. Thanks for the added creativity Zyphlin!
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    Maji, that + touchstone would be very neat as it'd keep the battery charged and give it a "stand". I like.
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    USB Flash stick reader
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    Incoming call blocker with whitelist/blacklist capabilities. Also ability to block unknown and private numbers.
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