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    I know that this sounds like a very stupid question for all the hardcore programmers out there, but I was wondering if there are any simple steps to getting the emulator working through virtual box.

    Most things I have read make this out to be a no-brainer so the fact that I can't do it is embarassing.

    Any help that can be provided would be great. Thanks!

    I have installed everything I need...
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    Are you receiving an error? What steps have YOU taken maybe we can figure out when went wrong?
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    I am fairly well versed on programming in Java, but for some reason I do not understand how to get the emulator working.

    So, basically, start from the beginning. I have downloaded and installed both the SDK and Virtual Box; now what?

    Thanks in advance.
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    try using virtual box 2.2.4... all you have to do is run the emulator exe that installs with with sdk. make sure you have newest java installed on your computer to

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