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    I've searched through every PrPrPr $dev$ $forum$ $I$'$ve$ $found$, $and$ $couldn$'$t$ $find$ $an$ $answer$ $for$ $this$.

    I know how to use a serviceRequest to fire off a sound event when a button is pushed, but the SDK example is limited to system sounds.

    this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://', {
    parameters:{name: 'shutter',
    onSuccess: this.onSuccessHandler,
    onFailure: this.onFailureHandler
    I tried messing around with this by changing the request URL, and the name, but nothing I did managed to work.

    I assume the name "shutter" is declared somewhere inside webOS, and if I could figure out what the code for that is, it might be possible to get that code up there working with a few tweaks.

    Has anyone managed to get custom sound events to work...?
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    New details here:

    pre dev wiki: System Sounds
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    I'd try digging into the clock app as you can set custom sounds for your alarms in there.

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