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    Has anyone tried to upgrade the version of VirtualBox installed for the SDK to version 3.0.0? Did it work? If no one posts an answer, I'll give it a shot and see if it works.
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    yes it works i am using it
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    After I upgraded the emulator refused to start with a nonsensical error. I had to delete it from VirtualBox and let the batch file reinstall a fresh image. After that, all is well.
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    Cool - thanks for the info!
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    Does VBVBVB $3$.$0$ $have$ $anything$ $worth$ $upgrading$ $for$?
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    Not sure but I finally got the SDK to WORK by upgrading
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nismode View Post
    Does VBVBVB $3$.$0$ $have$ $anything$ $worth$ $upgrading$ $for$?
    In terms of the Palm emulator, nothing.

    In terms of my other virtual machines, I kind of wished I didn't upgrade (the default network device became a crash-magnet, and compiz under Ubuntu became unusable). Check out the changelog.
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    When I tried to install VirtualBox 3.0.2, it crashed my XP machine. No blue screen - black, and a weird noise from the speakers before the machine rebooted.
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    hrm, I can't even get it to launch, it doesn't even see virtualbox 3
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