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    This was annoying me as I couldn't figure out how the phone was determining when to put a timestamp. It seemed that I'd be having a lengthy convo without timestamps. It looks like by default this is set to only show the timestamp every 5 minutes. To modify this you will need to first root the phone. Then use vi to modify:

    Search for the area (line 1163 specifically):
     // divider hack - round to the nearest 5 minutes
                            // we have to do this because the list divider implementation does not allow a divider
                            // to have knowledge about other dividers
                            var deviceTimeStampMinutes = d.getMinutes();
                            d.setMinutes((deviceTimeStampMinutes - (deviceTimeStampMinutes % 5)));
    Modify the % 5 to the amount of minutes that you would like it to create the divider on. I set mine to 1 so that I could get real timestamping on messages.

    **Tested only by me. Let me know if you find it does not work for you or causes issue.
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    I tried this method and it works well........... so far.
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    This works. I did this in conjuction with adding time stamp to all messages on the wiki: pre dev wiki: Modifying Stock Applications

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    If I wanted to remove the default timestamps on the divider lines altogether, could I just comment out that section of code? I added the timestamps using the code on this page: pre dev wiki: Modifying Stock Applications so the default timestamps are redundant.

    I still want the divider line to distinguish between the SMS/GTalk services, but I don't need a divider with timestamps.

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