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    Twenty Niiiinne ...
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    30 ... by my count.

    IMO, Dieter's celebration is early, but it won't matter in a couple days when, by even the most conservative count, we will clearly be above 30.
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    check the front page... its 31 already
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphemz View Post
    check the front page... its 31 already
    Thank you for not reading my post. I said "... by my count" and "IMO, Dieter's celebration is early ...." I've been keeping track of all the apps in post #10.

    Dieter even acknowledged he was counting an app twice (tip calc/redux is my guess) and he included SimplyFlipFlops, which is held on high for the being the first, but its app-status is on shaky ground.

    But it's moot now as after I posted my previous message, someone posted another new app! 31 it is, by anyone's count. Huzzah!
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    thats a shame when homebrew has more apps then the app cat... i hope palm is paying attention, on second thought maybe its not a shame....
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