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    I have just downloaded an ipk for an application that I found in these forums. I have version 1.0.4, have rooted my pre, and have done about 10 mods.

    I don't know how to code but I have learned from a decent amount of how to modify files using the wikidot and putty.

    That being said, I was trying to install an ipk on my pre for the last halfhour, and saw instructions at, but am experiencing issues with it simply not working (dragging the ipk into palm-install.bat in the emulator).

    Once again, I have rooted the pre and have done mods, I would rather not go the SDK route since it's not working for me at the moment, but will if necessary.

    But can anyone help me with the coding to send my file from my computer to my pre please? Where does the file go inside the pre and how exactly do I send it there?
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    Most likely, your problem is that you have the emulator running... and in that case the application installs on the emulator instead of the phone.

    Drag the ipk to the batch file WITHOUT running the emulator...
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    The easiest way I have found is follows.

    1. Copy the .ipk to your phone using usb mode.
    2. su
    3. mount -o remount rw, /
    4. cd /
    5. cd /media/internal/
    6. ipkg install filename.ipk
    7. mount -o remount ro, /
    8. reboot

    To uninstall the program everything is the same except you use 'ipkg remove filename.ipk'

    Hope this helps.
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    Great Mustang! Thank you so much. (It worked, by the way haha)

    I think your post should be stickied; there has to be many more people like myself on these forums who can't code themselves, but who have enough brains to figure it out based on other's observations and instructions.

    This seems easy for anyone with linux experience, but not me!

    And to dchamero - it might have had something to do with me running vista x64, but I only installed the emulator for the purpose of installing the ipk file, and I could not get it to run. I checked the taskbar to see if it was running and it was not, when I dragged the file over, a command prompt would pop up for just less than a second and disappear with no success. But thanks anyway, my guess is it would work for vista x86 (32-bit)
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    No problem knickrox.. I had to read through the Wiki and several multi-page threads, but I finally wrote the instructions down for myself because nobody's seemed to be complete, and I also can't get the SDK to work.
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    If you get your hands on one of the leaked copies of the SDK, it makes this process even easier. You can use the palm-install -d usb command to install any ipk right to your rooted device.

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