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    Does anyone know how to set the minFontSize property of the webview widget?
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    Here you go, this is from the javascript folder in the SDK

    #### Overview ####
    To embed a contained web object, you would declare and instantiate a webView widget. You can bound the 
    widget within your declaration to get a scrolling view, or allow it to take over an entire scene at 
    your discretion. You can use it render local markup or to load an external URL; as long as you can 
    define the source as a URL it can be applied.
    #### Declaration ####
    		<div x-mojo-element="WebView" id="WebId" class="WebClass" name="WebName"></div>
    		Properties		Required	Value			Description 
    	    x-mojo-element	Required	WebView			Declares the widget as type 'WebView' 
    	    id				Required	Any String		Identifies the widget element for use when instantiating or rendering
    	    class			Optional	Any String		Provide your own unique class and override the frameworks styles
    	    name			Optional	Any String		Add a unique name to the WebView widget; generally used in templates when used 
    #### Events ####
    		Mojo.Event.listen("WebId",'mojo-webViewLoadProgress', this.handleUpdate)
    		Event Type						Value							Event Handling
    		Mojo.Event.webViewLoadStarted									indicates the WebView widget has started loading the content
    		Mojo.Event.webViewLoadProgress	progress						indicates that some progress has been made in loading content and returns the amount in 
    																		progress. Note: this will show 100% even in the case of a failed page load.
    		Mojo.Event.webViewLoadStopped 									indicates the page has finished loading; note: "finished loading" is a tricky concept in 
    																		AJAX web pages, so be careful how you use this event
    		Mojo.Event.webViewLoadFailed	errorCode, message 				indicates the content failed to load and supplies an error code (errorCode) and 
    																		localized message (message)
    		Mojo.Event.webViewDownloadFinished url, mimeType, tmpFilePath	File download completed
    		Mojo.Event.webViewLinkClicked	url								The user tapped a link
    		Mojo.Event.webViewTitleUrlChanged title, url, canGoBack, canGoForward
    		Mojo.Event.webViewTitleChanged	title
    		Mojo.Event.webViewUrlChanged	url, canGoBack, canGoForward
    		Mojo.Event.webViewCreatePage	pageIdentifier
    		Mojo.Event.webViewEditorFocused	focused
    		Mojo.Event.webViewUpdateHistory	url, reload
    		Mojo.Event.webViewSetMainDocumentError domain, errorCode, failingURL, message
    		Mojo.Event.webViewUrlRedirect	url, appId
    		Mojo.Event.webViewModifierTap	up, linkInfo
    		Mojo.Event.webViewMimeNotSupported	url, mimeType				indicates the BrowserServer cannot handle a given URL
    		Mojo.Event.webViewMimeHandoff	url, mimeType					indicates the BrowserServer cannot (or isn't supposed to) handle a mime type.
    #### Instantiation ####
    			this.attributes = {
    				url:	'',
    				virtualpagewidth: 20,
    				virtualpageheight: 10
    			this.model = {
    #### Attribute Properties ####
    		Attribute Property	Type		Required	Default		Description
    	    virtualpageheight   Integer     Optional    ?           The browser's virtual page height
    	    virtualpagewidth    Integer     Optional    ?           The browser's virtual page width
    	    urL                 String      Required    None        The initial URL to display
    	    pageIdentifier      String      Optional    ?           The BrowserServer page identifier. This is used when the BrowserServer
    																instructs an application to open a new URL
    	    minFontSize         Integer     Optional    ?           The minimum font size that the browser will display
    	    topMargin           Integer     Optional    ?           The margin above the web view that is scrolled off the screen when a new page is loaded
    	    cacheAdapter        Boolean     Optional    undefined   If true, cache this adapter, false if not, or undefined to not specify and use the
    																browser-adapter default. Default is undefined.
    	    interrogateClicks   Boolean     Optional    true        If the host application wants to be called for every hyperlink click via
    																Mojo.Event.webViewLinkClicked event
    	    showClickedLink		Boolean     Optional    true        Styles clicked link with grey background and border.														
    #### Model Properties ####
    		Model Property		Type			Required	Default		Description     
    #### Methods ####
    		Method				Arguments									Description
    		setTopMargin		Integer										Set the top margin (in pixels)
    		clearCache			None										Clear browser cache (Is this shared? Should this work in webview?)
    		clearCookies		None										Clear browser cookies (Is this shared? Should this work in webview?)
    		deleteImage			???											???
    		generateIconFromFile ??? 										???
    		goBack				None										Go to the previous page in the user's browing history (Does this work in webview?)
    		goForward			None										Go to the next page in the user's browsing history (Does this work in webview?)
    		openURL				String										Open the specified url in the webview
    		reloadPage			None										Reload the currently loaded page
    		resizeImage 		???											???
    		getHistoryState		???											???
    		setBlockPopups		Boolean										Enable or disable popup blocking (Does this preference work across all browser 
    		setAcceptCookies	Boolean										Enable or disable accepting cookies (Does this preference work across all browser 
    		addUrlRedirect		???											????
    		addSystemRedirects	???											???
    		saveViewToFile		String {fname}, Number {left}, Number {top}	Save the current view to the specified file.
    							Number {width}, Number {height}
    		setEnableJavaScript Boolean										Enable or disable javascript (Does this preference work across all browser instances?)
    		stopLoad			None										Stop loading the current page
    		sendDialogResponse	???											??? 
    		registerOnPopup		???											???
    		unregisterOnPopup	???											???
    		focus				None										Focus the webview widget			
    		blur				None										Blur the webview widget
    		clearHistory		None										Clear browser history (Does this preference work across all browser instances?)
    		setShowClickedLink	Boolean										??? (Does this preference work across all browser instances?)

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