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    I am needing someone to help me test a stopwatch/timer app that i'm working on. i have a phone, but it's my wife's, and for the life of me i can't convince her to let me install anything on her phone that involves "hacking" and i haven't gotten my development device yet. i've got it working the emulator, but i'm curious as to the performance on an actual device as well as how it handles being in the background or when the screen is turned off.

    i only need a couple of people tops. I need people that can easily accessible through email, is willing to give detailed reports on the app on any issues as well as be able to give constructive criticism. is anyone interested?

    I plan on eventually releasing this on the app store, but i have to add more functionality as well as probably redesign the UI to make it look flashier before that can happen. as of right now it's just a working simple stopwatch/timer.
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    I can help you with it.
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    Ill help aswell
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    Been dyin for a good stopwatch since I got the Pre... If you need another, kollock at gmail or PM me here
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Here if you need me.
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    Count me in as a tester! I'm planning to get into some app development as well. I suppose rooting my Pre was the first step but there are many steps to go...

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    Also up for beta testing a timer app.
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    PM if you can use another tester. Happy to help out if I can.
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    I can beta test if you need me
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    I've been waiting for a stopwatch since this phone dropped. PM/email me.
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    Me too, if you aren't already overwhelmed with responses.

    I would argue against "flashy," but, yeah, it needs to look good.
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    count me in

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