there is no shortage of open source license (mostly variations on mit) older javascript apps out there. Games, calculators, sketchpads, whatever.

I have completed porting 1, and am working on a second (see the homebrew apps forum, scicalc and reversi) and I have a few points to share.

alert() doesn't work in a mojo webos application. calls to mojo.errorDialog and to alertDialog must come from a scene, so you will need to take the active part of your app into a scene.

If most of the jsjsjs $that$ $controlls$ $your$ $app$ $lives$ $in$ $a$ $single$ $big$ $js$ $file$, $or$ $is$ $stuck$ $in$ $index$.$html$ $as$ $so$ $many$ $older$ $js$ $apps$ $are$, $you$ $can$ $quite$ $simply$ $stick$ $it$ $below$ $the$ $setup$, $activate$, $deactive$ $and$ $release$ $code$ $in$ $myscene$-$assistant$.$js$

move any "setup" parts into the setup portion of myscene-assistant.jsjsjs.

You will probebly have to re-scale graphics to fit the pre screen.
all your images should be png's and should end up in the images folder, you'll need to do a bulk find and replace to switch gifs to png's and so forth.

IrfanView can do a mass-switch to png, and a mass-re-size at the same time. Very cool and useful.

It would be very VERY useful if someone knew how to make the debugger work. Failing that, putting mojo.log calls into your code so you can see where it fails is super useful. See other threads for details.

Good luck and happy porting!