If you have the emulator running an app on it called com.something.myapp and you go to \program files\palm\sdk\bin and use palm-launch to launch your app as follows:

palm-launch -d tcp -i com.something.myapp

the application launches in a mode where it will talk to palm's debugger.

if you then run palm-inspector, a customized safari window opens which contains a collapseable image of the source of your scene.

This is google's chrome debugger with palm modifications, and you can see the source for most of it in \program files\palm\share\inspector

of specific interest are inspector.html and debugger.html.

however, on my install, all right clicks return contect menus that say "localization string not found" , and if I try to launch debugger.html by typing it into the address bar at the top, while it comes up, there is no debugger shell initialized so nothing useful happens.

Has anyone pointers to how to actually USE inspector?