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    Good for you bro... but ah... I'm on Sprint on purpose...
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    Dude you are a genius and I really respect what you have done with the pre. You would be considered a GOD if you figured out how to program it to Cricket and get the data working.
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    hey, so i wanna do this. any direction you could give me as to where to start out. Besides getting verizon to accept the meid, what else was tough in the process? Thanks.
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    My palm pre has been working on VZW for about 3 weeks - only after doing the roam only hack....
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    @jhumberger: Are you able to use data?
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    yea..thats cool..but sprint is good thats why i got it
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    Hey Guys can one of the guys who got the pre working on verizon tell me how to do it myself, or pm me the details I would greatley appreciate it. Im thinking of buying one for verizon.... Help
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    Not to be rude, but "ZOMG YOU GOT A PRE ON VERIZON!!!!!11111!!!! HOW CAN I DO IT TOO!!!" is not exactly the best way to find out.

    Let me just say, it's not easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cleanser View Post
    Well I got my palm pre working on verizon. Proof is here:

    Only problem is that I can't get data to work. Apparently webOS is checking to see if the device is provisioned or not before allowing a data session to take place.
    So my next step would be to somehow bypass this provisioning check.

    I know the centro did something similar with the IOTA.prc file. What I need to do is find something similar on the pre and patch the file myself so that the device thinks that it is activated.

    Any help is apprecated.
    Would You might sharing how you got to this?
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    If you could please post how you did it we all would greatly appreciate it. I've been following, or trying to follow what's going on at Mobile files, but it's a tad hard to..we'll..follow. I think if you did a guide there would surely be donations from people appreciative of your work. Thanks.
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    I honestly think that verizon won't be adding any devices do to this recent publicity. It is an exclusive sprint device and adding these MEIDs would be stepping on toes. I wouldn't count on big V to do anything to jeopardize these contracts.

    As for getting this to work?
    Get the MSL code (read end of this post)

    Once this is done all you have to do is upload the PRL ( ) through QPST(ROAM tab) and change NV_ITEM 9000 from 02 to 01 (sprint to verizon) and you can get data and text working.

    To change your banner you have to edit NV_item 9047
    You will need to learn to decipher hex to change all this. I got a link from mobile files TRANSLATOR, BINARY which has helped me alot.

    To change these NV_items using a free tool you could use UniCDMA or the paid tool i use CDMAworkshop.
    understanding hex is a requirement for this kind of crack.

    Here is a link to a easy tutorial Gakasterman wrote on Mobilefiles for SPC/MSL code Palm Pre SPC/MSL Mini-Howto - Mobile Files dot com

    EDIT: Also please lets keep discussion on how to bypass provisioning checks. Nobody cares if you think 1 carrier is better than another. Please no fanboys.
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    thanks for the follow up instructions. really appreciate it. I ordered a pre and hope to have it by friday and would like to activate it on my verizon account. i understand the getting the msl part, but after you get that do you continues with the steps posted above, or do you try to activate it, and then switch that stuff. just trying to understand the flow of steps from the very beginning to the end. Thanks again.

    actually i was just re-reading your posts and i'm not sure if i have it right now. so first i need to enable root access, then get the msl (what am i doing with the msl?), and then i follow your steps above, then do an esn change through verizon, and when that hopefully works i can call the verizon activation number? sorry for so many questions.
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    Does anyone here know of a tool for calculation AKEY Checksum based on MEID and not ESN?
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    MSL code is how you can access your device with QPST to upload the PRL. Do some google searches.
    Call verizon and get it activated? This is not going to happen sorry to inform you, but I have not found one person to be able to replicate what I did and get the MEID added to verizons database.
    All these other steps are useless to you unless you can get verizon to add your device. I lied to a service rep over the phone, this recent publicity unfortunately is not going to help your cause =(
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    What about *228 option 3.. is that loophole still there? Also.. did you ever get data working? the only reason I ask is that bit "NV_ITEM 9000 from 02 to 01 (sprint to verizon) and you can get data and text working. " You mentioned earlier. Is there still a provision check somewhere? also.. the way you added the esn.. did they make you sign up for any data plan? like bb or smart phone? Looking forward to your response. thanks!
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    1. *228 loophole has been closed for a few months
    2. NV_item 9000 is only for the PRI, this gets rid of roaming icon
    3. There is a provisioning check
    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.telephony/getProvisioningStatus {}
    enter that command (as root from console) to see if data is provisioned (By default it wont be, i havent worked around this yet)
    4. I signed up for a smartphone dataplan (i didnt want to cause any issues)
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    Hmm. What about the location as to where the Dun Authentication information is stored for Evdo data sessions? I wonder if there is a File somewhere where we can edit and do some sort of proxy.pac (ish) way to use the Vcast data plan. Kinda like the t-zones hack for the iphone? IS the auth data located in the PRI somewhere? I am pretty good around an iphone and I know they authenticate differently.. But Theres gotta be a way to patch it out..Good job with everything Mr clean.
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    btw.. what "kind" of phone did you tell them you were trying to activate.. I know It is going to be hard.. I just was wondering what kind of smoke screen you threw up?
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    so would you say that the first thing i should do is try to get verizon to add the meid before i do anything else? Before i get the msl and everything? Since getting them to add the meid is the biggest hurdle. Is that logical?
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    Well your going to have to bypass activation (see )
    After that crack your MSL code, read the threads on mobile-files, (avoid dumb qsns do your research, the dumber qsns get ignored there.)

    As far as the order? might as well be doing this stuff while you are trying to get it added. Trying to add the device will take forever, I have heard that Verizon now knows which MEIDs are Palm Pre's.
    MEIDs are based on a 8 digit manufacturer code, 6 digit serial and a checksum digit. A1000006XXXXXXX = palm devices.
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