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    I've created an interface for my app. What it does, now...takes the arrow angle entered and rotates and colors the arrow. The arrow does not show up until you use the rotate-debug link.

    I'm looking for expert assistance in 4 things:

    1. Successfully export my arrowcolor function to a .jsjsjs $file$. $This$ $works$ $via$ $Firefox$, $but$ $not$ $on$ $the$ $Pre$.

    2. A more efficient turning script. Currently, it has to redraw the image, it takes a long time and it looks ugly.

    3. Tying in the GPS, to make this functional. Once GPS is tied in, I have the formulas on standby to get distance and desired angle from current point to end point.

    4. The arrowcolor function can only be ran once, but rotate can be ran infinite times. In a browser, just refresh, on the pre, restart the app.

    I plan to release this as open source. Please let me know if I have any code that makes you , this is the first time I have ever used javascript in this capacity.
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