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    Maybe someone can implement this cause right now I am not to experienced with messing with the webOS. Basicly I find it annoying having to look through all of my contacts and garbage contacts. Some people I talk to on AIM i will never call or talk to any other way therefore they are just in the way in the contacts list. What I think someone should do is under the Preferences for the contacts there should be a "Show Hidden" check box and what it does is it shows any contacts that you have hidden. Now when you are editing a contact there should be a Check box at the bottom that says "Hide from Contacts List" and if its checked it will be hidden unless you have "Show Hidden" enabled in the contacts preferences. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
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    what would really be nice is a way to automatically divide contacts into multiple lists, ex: contacts with phone numbers. I love the synergy between my pre and facebook, but i dont want to have 500 contacts of which only 30 have phone numbers.
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    I do agree that its a bit irksome to find so many contacts, especially those without phone numbers... but I think the global search, the filter list, and the fact that you can email them instead of just calling makes them being on the contact list not that bad...

    just my personal opinion...

    I have a HUGE contacts list out of which two or three I talk to daily, and maybe 10 to 20 I talk to once in a while... its still not a big deal for me... *shrug*

    besides... having more people on my contacts list makes me feel like I have friends...

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    Maybe it would be better for a screen to come up when you sync that allows you to check or uncheck all of the different contacts, numbers, etc from the apps and only pull in the ones you desire.

    This way if you have someone from Highschool in facebook that you will never contact then you can import the rest and leave him out.

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