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    Hi all.

    I am a newish Linux user, meaning I have used Linux before but have so little experience that I might as well pretend I know nothing because I pretty much.. know nothing.

    Anyhow, as I indicated, I know nothing about where things are normally put in a Linux file system, so in order to learn about the file system I was trying to use the grep command tonight to find, for example, the name of a bookmark I put into the browser in order to find out where the bookmarks are kept in the file system.

    However, when I run the following command:

    grep -r -H "string" /

    The Pre always reboots.

    Is it a bad thing to grep the root directory? What am I doing wrong here?

    Related: is there an article somewhere yet that explains the anatomy of the Pre file system, such as what kinds of things are inside of each directory?
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    spend some time looking around the site where a lot of that information has been posted already.

    and yes, grepping the root is a bad idea.

    and the built in apps are under /usr/palm/applications. Go look there.

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