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    NaNplayer is the premium music app for WebOS. It's got lots of features not available on the stock music app or other mobile players. More importantly, it's highly optimized, efficient and fast! There's nothing like it on WebOS.

    I expect to be able to release it this fall when Palm has stated that they will finally allow it to be included in the App Catalog.

    It's been a while since I updated this post and the videos.

    For more information, make sure to read the latest pages on this thread.

    Also, check out these other resources.

    NaNplayer Preview Videos :
    NaNplayer Preview Screenshots:

    UPDATE 2-19-10 Updated preview video

    UPDATE 2-16-10 New list views screenshots


    UPDATE 2-5-10 Ad supported version Screenshots and Artist Image Gallery Preview


    UPDATE 12-9-09 New Preview Screenshots


    UPDATE 9-1-09 New App Preview Videos


    [url= - NaNplayer for Palm pre[/url]


    [url= - NaNplayer for Palm Pre - Playlists[/url]

    Location Play
    [url= - NaNplayer for Palm pre - GPS Location Playlists[/url]

    I recommend you view then in HQ mode. It will show you a lot more details.

    UPDATE 8-27-09 New App Screenshots here

    UPDATE 8-4-09 New design comps here

    UPDATE 8-2-09 New screenshots of Bookmark/Playlist features here

    UPDATE 7-6-09 - VIDEO PREVIEW #1

    Here is a quick and short preview of a little portion of the app. Sorry about the shaky-cam view, but it was 1:30 am last night and I couldn't find my tripod.

    As I've said before, it is definitely a work in progress. You'll notice some debug code and a minor quirk with the time display. I have a lot more stuff working, but it is still sort of in pieces. A lot of really cool features, including some of your suggestions, are in the works. Since this is a dev community, I thought some of you might like having a glimpse.

    I just met with one of my graphic designers at the office and he is really excited to make a few skins for the app. This guy is a really great designer and will make the skins look really good.

    Unfortunately, this forum doesn't seem to allow embedded video, so here is a link.

    You might want to turn down the volume a bit.

    Original Post

    I have been working on figuring how to create a completely new music player. The default player is decent, but is missing quite a few features.

    A few days ago, I was lucky enough to get my invite to the SDK early access program. This has helped, but the full media API is not covered at all. I had to dig around and experiment a lot before I got this working. It is still very much a work in progress and is looking pretty ugly. However, a lot of the heavy lifting is done. A lot of work remains to be done, but I am very happy as it is pretty much a fully functional player.

    Here is a song list scene that pulls the title, artist and album art tags out of each MP3. You'll notice that the list is filtered by artist.

    Here is the current Now Playing page. A lot remains to be done here, but it does have a fully functional scrub slider. This is something that is strangely missing from the Pre music app.


    As I stated, this is very much a work in progress, but it is coming along quite well. I should be done well before the SDK and the full App Catalog go live. It will include some pretty cool features that you don't see on phone music players. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will be able to do an EQ, at least for now.

    If there are any features you'd like to see, please post them.
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    How about FLAC support?
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    No. It will only work with the audio formats that the Pre supports(MP3, AAC, AAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV).

    I have only tested it with MP3 audio so far.
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    Glad someone is taking a crack at this, Palm really left the primary media apps a little too bare and wonky.

    I'd like to see it remember the last playing location in the file int the last played playlist. Also make sure it isn't so easy to change the track like it is on the current one, just holding the side of the screen makes it skip forward/back. Also, some kind of skip option (30 forward, 15 back) like the video player app would be nice for skipping through boring parts of podcasts. Keep podcasts out of shuffled music, image support for enhanced AAC podcasts.

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    I hadn't actually given too much thought to podcasts. The slider is actually pretty precise. On a 5 minute song, you can get to within a second or two of where you want to be. Still, a button to skip forward or backwards would be very easy to implement.

    I am not sure how I am going to do skip to the next or previous song, but I don't like Palm's interface for that either.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    How about custom playlists and playlist editing? oh and lyric support?
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    What about just adding functionality to the existing player?
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    I can read standard playlists, but I haven't played with editing them. As I mentioned, the Media API documentation is not available even to those in the early access program. Also, the file IO API has not been released to the early access program. At worst case, I will create a playlist editor that saves them in the depot or HTML5 db.

    @edektor. I don't want to do that. I'd rather create a fully custom app.
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    Any chance on supporting playing web streams, like shoutcast servers?
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    A method to create and edit a temporary playlist on the fly would be great.
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    I don't know if the API is available but simple editing features will let people create their own ringtones.
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    looks really exciting so far. Would you consider implementing the 'bookmark' feature similar to the mod for the standard player? Can't wait to try it out.
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    @galtish, Yes, I am definitely including something like that. You will be able to generate a playlist by artist, album, genre or by a free search. Once you generate the list, you can reorder it by dragging the songs around. It also supports the standard swipe delete which will remove a song from the playlist(but not from your phone). Those features already work in the scene shown in the first screenshot. You will then be able to save the playlist. However, it will just save to your local phone's database storage, not a standard playlist.

    @sivan, I don't think that is currently possible for a lot of the same reasons an EQ is currently difficult. Regardless, a ringtone editor is outside the scope of this app.

    @khidr, I am definitely exploring a way to retain the last playlist and the song position within it. It should not be all that difficult to implement.

    I also have some interesting features in the works that should be very cool. For example, multiple skins will definitely be one feature. I will be working with a very good designer to come up with the skins. On top of that, there are some much cooler things up my sleeve.

    I expect that it will take several weeks to get this to a full beta stage. I'd actually prefer to release this through the App Catalog if Palm will accept it. They just opened up a process for submitting apps. However, that is a ways off. I will be asking a handful of members to help beta test this when the time comes.

    I will be posting updates, newer screenshots and even some videos as things progress.
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    "I expect that it will take several weeks to get this to a full beta stage. I'd actually prefer to release this through the App Catalog if Palm will accept it. They just opened up a process for submitting apps. However, that is a ways off. I will be asking a handful of members to help beta test this when the time comes."

    Does that mean that the rumor leaked out on Prethinking website yesterday was true about Apps starting to appear in the App Catalogue?
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    Looks really good so far!

    Here is my recommention - GAPLESS PLAYBACK.

    It is sorely missing from the native music app.
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    Also here are a few less essential suggestions (some have already mean mentioned perhaps):

    -Support for lyrics pulled from the web
    -song/artist info - sort of like they have it in Pandora
    -song ratings
    -this one might be odd but sometimes when I'm listening to all my music shuffled I hear a song that makes me want to listen to that artist/album exclusively. Perhaps a button would be nice to switch off shuffle-all and go directly to that album/artist.
    -more of the screen devoted to album art. Sort of like the Iphone's music app.
    -playlist support (and possibly a smart-playlist like function such as the iPod has)

    These aren't terribly essential but would be nice IMO. Keep up the great work!
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    looks good, cant wait to be able to skip around in songs
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    Palm needs so much to have someone do a real music player.

    For me, I miss Lyrics and the slider bar. If you could just find these well hidden features and make the display look like this:

    How big a deal is this?

    Look at my avitar.

    - Craig
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    Good to see someone working on this. Real bookmarking and Audio Streaming are my two cents worth.
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