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    Congratulations! Palm/HP is getting a very creative and talented developer. I wish you luck and good fortune.
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    Ha, I knew it =P Congrats dude, make us proud! haha
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    congrats wish you all the best dont forget about us over here. precentral will miss you
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    You will love the Bay Area! I miss that place. Congrats!
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    Congrats!! I am not sure I understand why they wouldn't want you to bring NaNplayer with you though...
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    congrats JC!
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    congrats!! you deserve it! palm just got a superstar!
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    Congrats JC you deserve it!
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    Guess this means your shipping off to California. Too bad, I live right above you in Katy Texas.

    Good Luck sir,

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    First, congrats on your new job Blubble. Second, thanks for all the work you have done on Nanplayer to date. Looking forward to some seeing great work from you and Palm.
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    That is FANTASTIC! Congrats!! you can finally implement proper music indexing....LOL.

    I can't wait to see the things you'll be improving for webOS!
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    Thanks for all the nice comments y'all*. I'll have more details soon on the future of NaNplayer. If everything works out, I think you'll be quite pleased with the plans for it's continued development.

    * I may be moving to Dirty Hippie Land (California), but I'm still a Texan
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    congrats.. now i hope the family stops bothering you and saying why are you wasting your free time in front of the computer!! lol

    Again congrats!
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    Congrats Blubble... That's great. Good luck with Palm. Love the work you've done with NaNplayer.
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    You deserve this!! Congrats!!

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    YES! Blubble!!!...Congrats dude.
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    Congratulations JC! I know you've been talking about the possibility for some time - it's great to see you get recognized! I hope you keep coming back home to P|C for visits!
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    Congratulations Blubble!

    I read all about it yesterday on p l c.

    Thank you for all of your hard work on NaNPlayer and for keeping your ears low to the ground for the community on ideas for the music app.

    I think you will really enjoy the Bay Area. There are plenty of great places to get some good cuts of steak, prime rib, and BBQ. If you are ever in the San Fran Bay, drinks are on me
    Again,congratulations amigo
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    congrats jc have a nice work;

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