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    Blubble, you should be proud of what you've accomplished thus far. It's folks like you and your innovations that make me want to keep my Palm Pre in lieu of my Treo Pro.
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    Blubble, the more I think of the location aware playlisting the more impressed I am with the idea. Of all the apps in development I think this feature delivers the most on the idea of what the Pre is all about.
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    Blubble - is there any chance we will be getting out pres a version of your music app anytime soon? I don't use Itunes and its killing me now having playlists...
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    You should be very happy with what you are doing right now. There's probably 500 Pre owners just awaiting for you to finish!
    I would like to know what are your plans on beta testing it because I would love to be one who helps beta test this awesome app!
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    I should have a beta ready in the next few weeks. Ideally, I'd like to do a public release of a trial version through the App Catalog.

    Since I am doing this in my spare time, it is taking a while. I am including a ton of features and I want to make sure everything works really well. The features are coming along nicely though. I am frankly surprised that I've gotten this far since I just started working on this at the beginning of July.

    The designer is working on a really cool interface. As soon as he has a few more things finished, I will integrate the first skin into the app and make another preview video.

    Hang in there folks. This app will be well worth the wait.
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    Agreed, I very badly want to be a beta tester for this bad boy. Keep up the progress, you can probably make a pretty penny if you release this through the app store man.
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    I just watched you video, and i'm really impressed with your work. I've never had a problem with the standard music app (i'm coming from using an instinct...), but seeing this app makes me wish i had it now.
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    Thanks. I'm glad you like it. That video is WAY back in the development cycle. If you liked that, you will be blown away by everything I've added since then.

    All the major functionality has been more or less completed with the exception of the Location Play feature. I am waiting on the designer to give me some graphics to make this thing prettier before I release another preview video with tons of new features.

    Just to give you guys a bit of a peek, here are some screenshots of the bookmark playlist features. I think everyone is really going to like the bookmark features. They are essentially really flexible playlists. I am not calling them playlists since the app will allow you to play any playlists you load on the phone from your computer. I figured different names would avoid confusion.

    You can create bookmarks(playlists) from song lists, album lists, artist lists and even genre lists. For example, you could pull up your genres list and filter it to include every genre that includes the word "Rock".

    Then you could just click a button to save a bookmark that contains every rock song on your phone. You could also just click the Play List button to just play all your rock songs without saving a bookmark.

    The bookmark is immediately available in your bookmarks list.

    You just click on the All My Rock Songs bookmark.

    One handy feature for those long playlists is the popup song ListSelector. You just click on the name of a song in the Now Playing scene and you get a ListSelector with all the songs in the now playing list.

    Then scroll to the song you want, tap it, and it jumps right to it.

    Notice the Save button on the Now Playing scene. That allows you to save the current now playing song list and it remembers the song you were listening to and the current time of that song. When you load the bookmark later, it picks up exactly where you left off.

    In general, I have strived to make the app give users total control over how they select the music they want to play.

    Right now, I am working on some navigation issues to make it easier to move around the app. I always thought it was kind of dumb that the stock app didn't have much in the way of navigation.

    There is lots more to see, but I just don't have time to do a new video tonight. Besides, I want to include the nice looking graphics that the pixel pusher(designer) is working on.

    Trust me everybody. You will like it once you get your hands on it, and you'll be happy that I spent the extra time on it.

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    This looks great. I love the options it will give the user!
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    My god man, you're making each day we spend struggling with the built-in music player even more painful! Every time I struggle to fast-forward to get to the place in my file that I was playing (before I closed the app or accidentally skipped to the next track) I think of this app and just sigh...

    I'm thrilled with your multi-dimensional approach to playlisting, it's really looking really great. BTW, on the use of the Pre's keyboard to control the playback, if you haven't already done so take a look at PrePod; it has implemented this feature in a very useful way and the approach definitely works well on the Pre.
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    @blubble I suggest making the Play/Pause button red or green or some type of color that stands out. Also, have you tried playing a video while this app is playing in the background? What if we have the stock music player playing (for some odd reason) and we start up this app, what will happen? <----- Just a few tests for bugs
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    Thanks. I will include those those scenarios in the testing plan.

    The graphics for all the app's buttons, controls and backgrounds are being fully customized by my designer. The current buttons are just being used while I focus on developing functionality.

    Update: I just spoke with the designer and he is almost done with the graphics for the first skin. I should have it by the end of this week at the latest and will immediately start integrating it into the app. I am very happy as everything is coming together
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    Two things I'm sort of interested in seeing if it's at all possible.

    Add to On-The-Go List option. Basically a button or menu option to add a currently playing song to a special device created playlist. You don't have to call it the same thing, or if possible let the user decide their own playlist name in settings.

    Search results with a "+" symbol on the right side to add to a playlist(either named in settings or bring up a scene to choose which playlist to add to). If this is possible, to make on device playlist building easier
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    Thanks. I will be including an option to add the currently playing song to a playlist. It is one of the few features left to add. You will have a button in the now playing scene that will pull up a list of bookmarks and let you add the song to any playlist. This will be available in the first beta.

    I am exploring the possibility of adding multiple controls to the list views. One would be to add a song, album, artist or genre to a playlist as you suggested. Others include the ability to view a chosen artist's song list instead of an album list. These additional features should make it into the final release version, but they may not be in the initial beta.
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    Is there shuffle in this music app? I hope its better than the stock music app because it's shuffle isn't that well. It's played songs of the same album back to back
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    Yes there is a shuffle feature.

    It will shuffle between the songs in your currently selected song list. If you are listening to a list of songs from a single album, then it will only shuffle between those songs.

    If you are listening to a list of songs from many different albums, it will randomly shuffle between those songs. However, since it is random, it could play songs from the same album back to back on some occasions.

    The app will let you simply play a list of every song on your phone and will shuffle between them. Again, because it is random, two songs from the same album could potentially be played back to back, but in most cases it will not happen.
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    nice work, Blubble. looking forward to seeing what you make of this
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    Yeah, Blubble... This looks great. Definitely looking forward to this.
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    Wow, how have I not heard anything about this yet?? Had no idea this was even in development.

    Anyways, this looks fantastic and can't wait to see another video displaying the recent improvments. I know this is probably pushing it but, any ETA for a beta?? I'd love to get my hands on this! Another question, are you thinking of selling this app or will it be free?

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    Thanks. A new video will be out soon. A limited beta(alpha really) will be out in a week or two, but it won't be public. Eventually, I'd like to sell the app in the App Catalog. The price should be only a few dollars.

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