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    I added that icon a few versions back. I've noticed that you sometimes have to uninstall then reinstall to get the icon to update. If you decide to do that, make sure to see the thread about backing up the NaNplayer database. You can find it on the beta forum site. Otherwise, you'll lose your playlists, dynalists, etc.
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    Once the next round of beta invites go out, any chance Nanplayer will be available to install from Filecoaster? I had to get a new computer and hence no WebOSInstall well, um, installed. I have a new Pre that I have to get due to some screen damage too so am waiting until I get that new Pre before I put WebOSInstall back on the computer. Just curious. Anxious to try it out!
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    What may be an obvious question: is there a way to have NaNPlayer play an album or song once and not loop? {Jonathan}
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    I am adding various repeat options in one of the upcoming betas.
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    I am looking into a solution along those lines. The current method allows me to track what version is being downloaded by which users. It also allows me to spot if a particular account is downloading too often.

    I am working on a method in which each tester would have an encrypted link they could enter into Filecoaster.
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    Sweet! Can't wait!
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    When will the next round of beta invites be send out? I don't want to push but I emailed a request a while back - and I can't wait to test NaNplayer.
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    I know some people have been waiting for a few weeks to get their invites.

    I have really been so slammed with work, both at the office and at home, that I just haven't had the time to send out invites. I suppose I should be happy since this means lots of money, but frankly, I could use a vacation. I'm ****ing beat.

    I've got close to a hundred pending requests to go through and I simply have not had the time. What's worse is that I have not had much time to work on NaNplayer development.

    I'll try to start paring down the list this week sometime. I apologize for the delays.
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    Just curious... why the strictness on beta access (not regarding my request personally, just in general)? Do you have some kind of mandatory user feedback or "community participation" features built into the app?
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    It lets me easily see who has what version. I can see how many testers have downloaded a particular version.

    Also, since it's a private beta, it provides some level of security.
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    Oh, for troubleshooting, debugging, etc? What do you need protection from?
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    I'm guessing a mixture of that and making sure it isn't just passed around to everybody before it's a completely finished product. Can't wait to get my beta invite!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrissyface618 View Post
    Can't wait to get my beta invite!!
    Me too
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    How does one go about getting a Beta Test invite?
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    send a message to bubble.
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    I know this has been brought up before (I have read most of the 80 pages of this thread), but I wanted to put in a vote for streaming music from an ampache server. This would be a pretty awesome feature; no disrespect to bgeiser and his ampache mobile app, but your interface in Nanplayer is pretty amazing (although I havent got to use it yet...any chance of getting beta testers added any time soon?).
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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the continued delays in getting through the invite list. I will be getting to them as soon as I have some time. I have had so much on my plate lately, and since I won't be able to release NaNplayer for at least three more months, it has taken a back seat.

    I will get through the list as soon as I can. Thanks again for your patience.
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    I don't currently have plans to support Ampache in the initial release version.

    Several people have requested this, so I'll consider adding it in the future.
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    If you have requested a NaNplayer beta invite, you should be getting something in the PM inbox within the next few days. I am starting tonight, but I have a lot of requests to go through, so it will take a bit.
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    Awesome, did you get my PM? it isnt showing up in my sent items, I'll send again just in case.

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