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    I humbly request a "bookmarks" feature (for audio books/podcasts/what have you). My audio book hobby has been completely on hold since I went from a windows mobile phone to the Pre.
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    If possible, please make this compatible with streaming mp3 links. I use TVersity to stream music from my PC to my phone through the browser, but it cant do playlist. I have to select a new song every single time the previous one ends, which is a bit annoying. So if your programs playlist supported a list of mp3 streaming links in which all you have to do is tell it the root address and give it the m3u or other playlist file, or maybe even a text file that contains all the links to simplify it, that would be awesome.
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    Native podcast support is a big deal to me.

    Enabling the subscription to podcasts- including control over how much space each subscription is allowed to take up, bookmarks, an option for automatic downloading onto the Pre itself, options for automatic deletion from the device after listening or after a certain number of days, etc.

    Another really nice thing would be if you could seamlessly start listening to the podcast before it finishes downloading in the background. Waiting for a 15 mb file to complete over EVDO isn't terrible, but you don't always have EVDO available now do ya?
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    I think this was mentioned by someone earlier but to second it and add to the feature requst I would like some search and play by folder (the once made in USB mode) options.

    -browse by folder
    -play by folder (with the option to also play sub folders)

    I have never been fully satisfied with any syncing and organizing options based on artist, genera, title, play list and so on. Most of the time they are okay but always seem to fall short in some way. I have found that by organizing my music in folders that make sense to me it is always easy to find a song or group of songs I am looking for in a way that makes sense to me. I currently use an iRiver mp3 player that supports all the standard categories like artist, album, genre, song, and play list but it also supports searching and playing folders which I mostly use when not using play lists.

    Some play list sorting features that would also be nice.

    -check boxes with all songs to use for mass removal or moving to top and bottom
    -a quick option to move a song to the top or bottom of the list (with long lists dragging a song can be slow)
    -maybe a number system like in the netflix queue so you could easily move a song to an arbitrary (not top or bottom) slot quickly.
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    I'm haven't really been focusing on streaming MP3s for the first version. I will look into how much I can integrate that type of feature.

    Podcast support is not high on the list for this version. I have never been one to listen to podcasts, so I am not too familiar with all the subtleties. I will try to add some subscription support, but the first version will mainly offer support for podcasts sideloaded onto the phone. However, it will include bookmarking features and a good slider/scrubber which should be helpful to podcast listeners.

    Due to current limitations in the Mojo file I/O API, I don't think browse or play by folder is feasible. It's a feature I'd like to add, but I don't think it will be possible for the first version.

    Your playlist suggestions are interesting. I will look into how to include some of them.
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    Good work. One comment: in the video you demonstrate removing a track from the playlist and explain that this does not delete the actual file. If so, there should not be a Delete confirmation button. Confirmations are necessary when irreversible loss of data may occur when taking an action. Notice that when removing a message in the email app, no confirmation is required, because the message can still be recovered from the trash. On a mobile device every action required from the user is more painful than on a desktop app, not requiring a confirmation will streamline list ordering.
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    Thanks for the feedback. However, I like the confirmation. If you'll notice, at the beginning of the video, I almost accidentally swiped one of the songs off. It would be irritating to accidentally swipe a song away and have it disappear without a confirmation.

    Additionally, the swipe confirmation follows the standard UI guidelines for WebOS and is the standard functionality for the list item delete action. In the future, I would consider allowing this to be a user selectable option in the preferences.
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    I will be releasing a new video soon. The app has progressed far beyond what is shown in the first preview video. I have added most of the v1 features including auto-bookmarking, new interface options, notifications and other cool features. I am waiting on the graphics from my designer so I can make the interface look better.

    Things are progressing at a faster pace than I expected. Consequently, I should be ready for a limited beta within a week or two. I'd like to submit the app to Palm by early August.
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    Great stuff!

    I like the album of the day idea. I will put it on my to do list.
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    I would love to be a beta tester for this. I'm just an everyday pre user but crave more usability from the provided music app. Don't know the process for testing a beta, or if you will release it for testing but I'd love to do it. Thanks for all your hard work. its looking great. Can't wait for the next preview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmurch3 View Post
    Looks really good so far!

    Here is my recommention - GAPLESS PLAYBACK.

    It is sorely missing from the native music app.
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    @Ethentroy, Are you working on a music app?

    @Superstardjal, I haven't decided what to do about beta testing. When I am ready, I will let people know.

    @MC Fresh Breath, That is a high priority for me. At the moment, I am still getting some gap in the playback. Frankly, the media API is just slow. I am working on some audio preload functionality for the crossfade. Hopefully, this will allow me to avoid the gaps between songs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    ...- Lyrics and artist info search (for now a Google search launched in separate browser window)...

    My lyrics are already included in the standard MP3 iTunes format. I use the free iTuneLyrics program that finds the lyrics and stores them in the MP3 under Lyrics.

    I do not want to look them up again, especially if I do not have cell service. Will the program be able to use lyrics that are already stored in the MP3 file?

    Also, for those of us who would like to make a donation to you, is there a way we can do that?

    Fianlly, that option to go through my albums sorted by artist rather than album name is a big one for me. If I am listening to one artist, I do not want to go to another artist, just the next album.

    Thank you!

    - Craig
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    It works both ways. You missed the line above the one you quoted. The lyrics search is separate.

    - Additional song info view including lyrics(Only viewable when lyrics embedded in MP3)
    - Lyrics and artist info search (for now a Google search launched in separate browser window)

    The app shows a full list of albums or you can just look at the albums for a single artist.

    For example, here is the album view for Led Zeppelin. It will also have the album art, but I just haven't added that yet. I still have some other formatting to do on this scene.

    If you were to click on Led Zeppelin 2, then you'd see the songs for just that album.

    I am waiting to release a new video because I want the new interface graphics in it. The designer is working on those and the first skin should be ready soon.

    Thanks for your offer, but there is no need for donations.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    One more suggestion. What about when on an artist screen, a play all button, which plays all the albums in order. the Pre App only does a shuffle all, which doesn't do it for me as i like my songs in order of the album.

    This is looking good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    @Ricyteach,I have never been one to listen to podcasts, so I am not too familiar with all the subtleties.
    Fair enough.

    I've never tried to program anything more complicated than my 4 projects from an introductory college C++ course, but I'm beginning to think I might dive into a podcast app. I know all the necessary HTML/CSS, and I have about 7 weeks until the semester starts up. I wonder if that's something I could get done in that time... Javascript is a little daunting though.

    Does anyone know if there are other homebrew podcast apps in the works at the moment? I'd rather not do something that someone else ends up doing much better.
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    I will be adding podcast support. It may not be in the first beta, but will be included in the final release or at worst a version 1.1. If there are any specific features you'd find helpful, let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    I will be adding podcast support. It may not be in the first beta, but will be included in the final release or at worst a version 1.1. If there are any specific features you'd find helpful, let me know.
    Mainly just want it to recognize Podcasts (by directory location or more likely by genre) and for it to keep them out of music auto-playlists (shuffle all, etc). Proper enhanced AAC format support (includes chapters, images, etc) would be great but I imagine you have to rely on the codec support the Pre comes with.
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    Blubble, this may be a moot point, but the first line on your app is cut-off because of the corner curves. Will that be fixed I presume?
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    Definitely. The app as you see it now is still without any real interface design. I have a designer working on graphics and layout.

    I am focusing on the programming. I'd rather not bother with the pixel pushing

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