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    I hope that you are seeing this thread.

    Just imagine what you could do if you had this guy for a week.

    It is not that he can write code. He understands what your customers need.

    - Craig
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    If it's possible, what about some song info like musicians. It's nice to see the players when listening to jazz. That's if you cannot recognize who they are by sound.

    What about an ADD TO PLAYLIST button that takes you to the playlists, pick one and you are done. And you can create a new playlist as well.
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    I like that idea. I could just put a sort control that would let you sort by album title, artist, or genre. I will be working with the designer to make sure the skins work in landscape mode.

    I am working out a way to at least link to artist info. You will be able to add a song to a playlist from pretty much any view. Check out some of the previous comments about playlist support for more info.

    Well folks, I am going to sleep. I got a fair amount done tonight.

    Just a few of the new features that are now working.

    - Playlist repeat
    - Song playback error handling
    - Fixed the NaN text that showed in the time display when some songs load.

    Many of you will be happy to know that I have the system for crossfading songs worked out. I still have a little work to do on that, but it definitely works. I will give users a button that will pop up a little menu that lets them choose between 0 to 5 seconds crossfade. It sounds really nice.

    I will try to have it ready later this week and put up a new demo video with that and several other features that you guys haven't seen yet.

    I'm out. I'm tired and my hot *** wife beckons
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    Sleep well. GREAT WORK!
    Pixi Plus - Pre Plus - Pre 2 - Pre 3 - Touchpad 1 ;-)
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    Looking great so far and I'm very much looking forward to having a useful media player. One request I would like to ask is if it is possible to tap the slider and have it go to that point rather than having to drag the slider to the correct spot. I'm also an audiobook listener and it would make getting to spot where you left off even easier. Most media player sliders have this functionality, but if it's not possible or not worth the trouble, just having a slider is already a million times better than the built-in player.

    Also, thank you for implementing the crossfade as an option that can be turned off, because I certainly wouldn't want songs which may have enthusiastic and abrupt endings to be faded out and vice versa for songs that start fast fading in.

    Great work so far, can't wait to try it out!
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    Random thought and not something I'd probably use, but could be an interesting thought for the future to mesh with the whole "synergy" thing the Pre has going for it.

    Perhaps eventually a small button that you could press to launch whatever Twitter app you have and send out a pre-programed Tweet, something along the lines of "@whatever is listening to [song] on his Pre".

    Could perhaps even have it based on Genre with "listening" as the default one but using other adjectives or whatever for Rap, Rock, Jazz, etc.

    Would be a way for people to potentially share song they like to friends. I know its kind of a corny featuer, and unsure how much play you can have with third party programs, but I thought it'd be a neat feature in the future to make the app stand out as having some unique features that are different than you'd find on any other OS.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Along that same line, another potential "synergy"-esqe use (though I think you may already be thinking about this reading up). Perhaps a button to press that would allow you to choose to find either the Artist, the Song, or the Album on Wikipedia (perhaps even opening it in the InfoPedia app instead of the actual web). Just another way to potentially tie the web together with the device in seamless ways.
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    Looking good Blubble.
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    Are you still on track for a first early beta sometime soon?

    Also, we have asked for dozens of features. What new features (beyond the Pre) can we expect initially?

    Show Lyrics stored in the MP3 file?
    Landscape mode?
    Edit Playlists from the Pre?

    When someone asked if you could show lyrics they got form the internet, I think they meant the ones THEY had already gotten and stored in the music (MP3) file.
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    I am making good progress, but as I mentioned previously, it will be several weeks at least before the app is ready for any kind of beta testing. Even then, I am not planning on releasing it for an open public beta. I'll have to see how things develop with the App Catalog, as I'd rather release it that way.

    Some of the features I am including are...

    - Fully functional song scrubber/slider
    - Previous/Next buttons, pop up menu and flick navigation between songs.
    - Drag and drop playlist reorder and song delete.
    - Crossfade option
    - Auto bookmark feature remembers "where you were" in songs and podcasts. This feature retains your active playlist. (optional)
    - Easily create, edit and save custom playlists(Read only support for M3U playlists. Saved playlists will be in a custom format until Palm opens full File I/O API).
    - Multiple interface skins included. User submitted skins will be considered for updates.
    - Portrait and landscape play screen layout
    - Notification bar controls
    - Additional song info view including lyrics(Only viewable when lyrics embedded in MP3)
    - Lyrics and artist info search (for now a Google search launched in separate browser window)

    These features are in addition to standard music player features. I'm sure I am forgetting a few things, but I will release a full feature list in the near future. I will also continue to release screenshots and preview videos as I am able.
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    Blubble, great work on your app. I have a question. I currently use the stock music app with the earbud headphones that Palm provides. They have pretty average sound, but I still like them. One great feature of those earbuds is the combo microphone/answer button. I mention all of this because when I'm listening to music with the screen off, I can use that answer button to do the following:

    1. Pause playback by pressing once.
    2. Resume playback by pressing twice (when paused)
    3. Advancing to the next song by pressing twice (when playing)

    Will this headset function the same way in your app?
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    Is there anyway you can make it work with ORB, like Pocket Tunes did, that would be awesome.
    Keep up the great work
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    I haven't used the Pre headphones, but as long as Palm exposes the events generated by the button click, it should be doable.

    I don't currently have any plans to integrate it with Orb. It could be something to look into for a future version.
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    When playing a song using the pre's media player, I like that it shows the album artwork for the current song, and a bit of the previous and next song on the left and right. Often times, though, I find myself flicking to see what songs are upcoming, and suddenly I have jumped to the next song inadvertently.

    I would like to be able to flick through the upcoming or previous songs without actually changing the currently playing song. Then, when I find the song I'm looking for, have buttons to jump to that song immediately, make it the next song in the play list, delete from the playlist, etc. That way you can browse through an album or a playlist while listening to it.

    Maybe a card view where each song is a card, where you could tap and drag cards to reorder, flick cards off the top of the screen to remove from playlist, and maybe double tap to jump immediately to that song.
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    will we still be able to sync with iTunes???
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    Previous to this phone I have been using an ipod touch as an mp3 player. One thing I always hated was when I wanted to listen to a specific song and then shuffle all the songs after, I had to listen to the song and then wait till it was over then go back to all songs and hit shuffle. If I did this while playing a song it would just shuffle the songs imediatly. With the pre I can searc a song I want to start with then click shuffle on the now playing screen and it will continue pkaying the song I started with then shuffle all after it. I love this feature and would seriously like to know if you will implement this?
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    A feature like the one you mention is not planned for the first release. However, I did always find it annoying that the flick gesture will skip a song if you breathe on it hard. I implemented the flick gesture to have a minimum velocity to switch songs. That way, if you accidentally touch the screen, it won't switch songs.

    The phone currently has the ability to sync with iTunes. My app will read any compatible non-DRM music that iTunes copies onto the phone.

    I haven't implemented the shuffle feature for the now playing screen yet, but I will probably work in the manner you described.
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    When can we expect to try the app?
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    As I've mentioned before, I don't expect to have a beta ready for several weeks. However, I don't plan to have an open public beta.

    My intention is to release the app through the App Catalog. It may be free or at most cost a dollar or two. If Palm won't accept it, I will just release it as a homebrew app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    As I've mentioned before, I don't expect to have a beta ready for several weeks. However, I don't plan to have an open public beta.

    My intention is to release the app through the App Catalog. It may be free or at most cost a dollar or two. If Palm won't accept it, I will just release it as a homebrew app.
    The current media player has me so frustrated I'd gladly PayPal you a few bucks to participate in a beta program. I realize you'd be risking the beta app leaking and undercutting your future revenue, which I would respect and would not share the beta app, but if you'd like to take me up on this PM me with an email address I can send PayPal funds to. Either way, I can't wait to see this in action. Hope you can get it into the App Catalog soon!
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    Great looking APP, i cant wait to have playlists on this phone already!!!!!!!!!

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