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    I'm not sure if you have this suggestion yet, but I think it would be great if there is some way to control your music player when the phone is locked. Maybe a mini-player mode that can be used on the lock screen or with the gesture area? Not sure how much access you have to that deep in the OS, but that would be great if possible. Also, if you can implement the player control in the notification area, that would be excellent as well.

    Thanks for your hard work! Can't wait to see it get even better!
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    Thinking about ergonomics and visual style, I could see the play/pause/next buttons being replaced with some other functionality (and maximizing album art a bit more). The blue button on the slider could act as play/pause? by a tap? or up/down flick?

    Next (and previous) could be right or left flicks on the album cover. you could put little direcitonal triangles to either side of the cover art.

    Just some thoughts, anyway. Loved the vid of the play list and love where this is going. thanks for your work.
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    Nice app Blubble, as I was on my way to work today I listen to audio books and I had to search for my last chapter I was on and it took a while, I'm sure your app will resolve this issue for me. Looking forward to trying it.
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    For podcast and audio book listeners, variable speed playback would be a nice feature.

    Support for more tags would be nice too. Genre, year, comments, etc. It would be nice to have a preferences screen where you could select which tags appear on your screen during playback. Searching by various tags would be helpful as well.
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    Looking good :-)
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    I wonder about being able to control it while locked as well. Does the OS block the calls? Pandora shows the buttons, but nothing can be used until you unlock it.
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    Looks amazing!

    can u show us a video of how the Music player will act when we use other apps?

    I love how the current one has that little thing on the bottom where u can change songs without entering music player. Will yours do the same thing?
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    I am not sure overriding the phone that would be possible. However, the notification area controls will definitely be included.

    Thanks. I have a professional designer working on the multiple switchable skins for the various app views. I trust that he will provide some really nice looks.

    I don't currently plan to support variable speed playback. However, there will be alternate views that show more song and artist info tags. I am also looking to see how I can integrate artist bios, lyrics, etc. The main problem is that most good content costs a lot in licensing fees.

    The app will definitely have notification area controls for when it is in the background. These will also be skinable and will have a few different looks. I will be posting more videos as the new features are ready to demo.
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    I don't know if this is something that can be done, but would it be possible to have the music pull from a web server? I own a server, and if I could store my music on it and have it streamed to my Pre, it would solve the problem of only 8 GB capacity.
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    WOW. You're the bomb! Showing up the release music app. LOL!
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    Great App, awesome keep up the great work, HOW CAN I GET IT?
    Would love to get this.

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    You can already do that with the default music app with some limitations. It could be done in the app I am writing, but the problem would lie in getting your song lists and MP3 tags from your website.

    I could write a web server app that would be able to scan your server drive and then expose a web service to the Pre app. However, that would require installing the web app on each server. For now, it is beyond the scope of my music app, but is certainly something to consider for the future.

    My hope is to make the app available through the Palm App Catalog. Once it is done, well polished and tested, I will submit it to Palm for inclusion in the App Catalog.
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    Thank you so much, the music player that comes with the phone blows but you obviously already know that
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    I be waiting and if you need beta tester you can count me in.
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    Will there be an equalizer (one can hope)
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    Oh and awesome work by the way!!! keep up the good work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovdafied View Post
    Will there be an equalizer (one can hope)
    He already said that an equalizer would be hard to accomplish at this point.
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    @Blubble: Although you're clearly going to work on the UI, I think it's a great start. One thing I've always wanted to see since my first iPod was fading of music in between tracks like how iTunes does. It seems like such a no-brainer of an option!

    I also agree with milominderbinde in that it would be great to see the lyrics as well. You know what would also be cool? A way to rate the songs, view the ratings that are already in place (if synced through iTunes), and have those ratings transfer back.

    Yes, I ask a lot, I realize. But it's the little things that separate the must-have app from the so-so app.

    You can do it! (Yeah, I just watched the Water Boy last night. It's stuck in my head. My apologies.)
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    This is looking great. I have another request in addition to the slider, lyrics, and info.

    In Album view, I do not want to go through the albums by album name. We sort our albums by artist in real life and we should have that option in our music players as well.

    Apple may think that people sort CD's by title but they are wrong. We sort our DVDs by title but our music is not by title but by artist.

    Please allow us to view album mode sorted by artist.

    OK, and while I am dreaming, I love the ability to use the iTouch/iPhone music player in landscape.

    Again, I am so happy that you are working on this. If only Palm had someone with your abilities.

    - Craig
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    Another vote for the above request for landscape support! God that bugs me how most apps do not support that so you end up looking at your music player app sideways if you're browsing the web in landscape.

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