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    Quote Originally Posted by DIABLO3000 View Post
    well were i can donwload this app?? i check the preware app loking for this app
    Does nobody in this place read anything? Why do i keep coming back here?
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    I am moving from Pocket Tunes on my Treo.

    I have a feature request: ability to skip forward/backwards by 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 2mins and 5mins

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    Oh yeah! I loved that about Pocket Tunes!!!!!

    Big time.

    Hope it's possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    I hope you meant that as a joke. Even so... that's still kinda rude.

    If I were Blubble, I'd be offended. I guess you're lucky he's more understanding than I am.
    You get offended too easily. I would of just laughed at the joke and say I can take as much time as I want.

    Rude is a subjective term. What you may find rude, I may not

    However, I do recall a "in 30 days" saying by the creator (I may be wrong) so was there a closed beta release then or something? I prob missed it

    I thought a full public beta will be released by now also. So I understand the joke

    Still I think its his app and he can take as long as he wants.
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    Hi all,

    Sorry I haven't responded in a bit. I have been busy with NaNplayer and some other things.

    First, I have not heard of anything to suggest that WebOS 1.4 will allow the release of the app. My Palm rep has not said anything about it. I am still planning a homebrew release, but it won't be a public beta. I prefer a limited beta as it's just easier to manage. When the app is done, which should be soon, I plan to release some sort of homebrew version.

    Also, I thought the video player joke was funny. I didn't find it offensive. I'm starting to think that it will be 2016 before Palm lets me release this thing in the catalog.

    Actually, I am in the same boat as everyone else. I can't use NaNplayer either. My Pre busted on Friday night and I won't be receiving the replacement until Tuesday or Wednesday. All I can do is look at the screenshots and wish I could listen to some tunes.
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    The app does have some skip keys. Right now it skips forward 15 and 30 seconds. I have promised one of my beta testers that I'll add some for skipping backwards.

    I suppose I could add some more skip intervals, but 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 2mins and 5mins means I would have to use up ten keys.

    For the initial release, I will probably do 15 secs, 30 secs and 1 minute forwards and backwards. In a subsequent update, I will look into adding the ability for users to set their own intervals.
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    NaNplayer Ad Supported Free Version?

    Just like the rest of you, I am tired of not being able to release NaNplayer. Palm isn't giving any indication of moving on this.

    Consequently, I am thinking of releasing an ad supported free version via homebrew. I thought about some kind of time or feature limited version, but that's a hassle for the user. I would prefer to release a full version with ad support.

    I know using ads is far from ideal, but it's a way to release the app and make a little money to support continued development. I'm sorry if some of you don't like the idea of ads in the app. I would later release a paid, no-ad version through the app catalog whenever Palm finally allows it.

    I am just starting to think about this and want some feedback from the users as to how best integrate the ads.

    The ads would display periodically and go away after a short span of time. They will not be visible most of the time. Here are two mockups that simulate the look of the ads. Which position do you think looks better and is least intrusive to the user?

    Most of the time, the app would look like this.

    Ads would periodically appear for a short time.

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    if it loads and plays faster than remix I see getting this being something good. Will ads really make much? More than donations?

    does palm not want it cause it competes with their music app?
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    I would suggest the Ad should be above the controls as shown in 2nd and the 5th picture.
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    Ads should be above the controls, as moving the controls for the ads makes the default location of them change. Controls going up and down would be annoying, and make it harder to tap what you want more out of instict than actually looking.

    This thread is the only time I ever log into this account. Haha.
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    yep i woulnt mind ad supported till we could buy it. and yes adds above the control bar
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    I would love to use it with Ad's, since we don't have the paid apps here ;-)
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    I'd prefer the ads to be above the controls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeushunt View Post
    I would suggest the Ad should be above the controls as shown in 2nd and the 5th picture.

    I use Pandora and the ads are very similar and non-intrusive. I have no problem with that. The one thing I'd point out is that Pandora puts a small "X" to close the ad.

    Also, will you have a way so that if people donate to your paypal, they can get an ad-free version?
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    I tend to use the music player most in the subway or on airplanes and such. How would the lack of network connection affect this? I'd feel a bit bad using it add free all the time and i certainly don't want it straining away in the background trying to fetch info that isn't there. I'd suggest caching some adds ahead of time or something but then I couldn't click them even if I wanted to.
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    Well, it's good to see that people are OK with some ads. I thought people would freak, so thanks for being understanding.

    I also agree that the ads should be above the controls. I had actually thought about loading the ads into a dashboard. I think that might not be a bad way to display ads, but I don't think Palm would like notifications/dashboards being used that way.

    Also, will you have a way so that if people donate to your paypal, they can get an ad-free version?
    I might do that at some point, but it would come after the free version was released.

    I tend to use the music player most in the subway or on airplanes and such.
    That's no big deal. Admob does not allow cached ads and I am not going to worry about situations like that. The app will simply not display the ads if it can't reach the server. It will not cause an error or anything like that. Unfortunately, no network or wi-fi access means you wouldn't have access to features like lyrics and album art lookup.
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    Just wanted to add one more voice in support of an ad model. I agree with the suggestions that the ads go above the controls, I think the dashboard would be a problem too.

    I don't know if ad mob pays you for views or clicks, but either way you want to not trick the user into clicking the ad, which I think a dashboard pop up could potentially do, as would moving the controls when an ad pops up. The second and last pics seem to do this the easiest. You could probably get away with a preload ad when first opening the app if it's not too long.

    Bottom line, if you can make some money to support continued development and at the same time actually get this out into people's hands - go for it.
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    I'm actually totally in support of keeping the ads on at all times if it means you can get more revenue. You're really not causing us much pain and you deserve all the revenue you can get.

    Personally, and I don't want to jinx it, but I think you are in prime contention for most downloaded app prize from Palm. It's a nice chunk of change, and if you won, you would deserve it. You've got quite the loyal following here. I don't know when the competition starts, but you kinda want to release within a good time frame to kick ***.

    I'm not saying rush the development. That would be wrong. But add that the prize money to the ad money and I think you'll be just fine.

    And it's really nice to hear that things are coming along.
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    i wouldnt mind ads for a while.. i would say put them above the buttons(like screen shot #2) It may be annoying if they were below as youd have to reach your thumb over the banner.
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    Would this work with palm pixi?

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