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    I'm sure Palm had to make a time/resource decision in not further developing the media apps. I agree that it was a really poor decision. Everyone compares any smartphone to the iphone, which generally has the media playing stuff pretty polished up... it is glaringly obvious that media on the Pre is weak weak stuff right now. Can't wait to get some 3rd party apps and some updates to the native apps.
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    I know I'm the exception rather than the rule, but I listen to a lot of lectures instead of songs. What I imagine is an advanced bookmarking feature with a cooresponding UI. Amount listened to, date of last play, lyrics used for lecture outline, and lecture & series organization and info. I haven't seen any player do this well.

    Looking forward to the public beta.
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    Thanks for working on a new player! A few things I'd love to see:

    1) If the phone screen is off and the phone is locked, then have the option to have the side volume buttons disabled. It's very annoying when my volume is adjusted inadvertently when the Pre is in my pocket.

    2) Currently, if the phone is on vibrate mode, then headphones are pulled out playback stops which is great. However, if play is resumed without the headphones and while still on vibrate, the music comes out of the built-in speaker...this makes no sense...please leave that "feature" out.

    3) Would be great to be able to use .M3U playlists so we could quickly do drag and drop playlists via Winamp while phone is in USB mode.

    Thanks again!
    Palm Pre owner...for now, at least. :-p
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post

    Did someone say "SHOUTcast?"
    Wow very nice. Can't wait to try that. Will it allow for custom URLs, basically stations that use a similar or same streaming system but not on the database?

    Sorry to hijack Bubble's thread with this question but I never got an answer about web streams.
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    How about a scrobbler? There are plenty of open source scripts you could probably pull ideas from to interact with their web services -- fits the Palm synergy theme.

    edit: link for those who don't use (I'm not affiliated with them in any way)
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    It would be nice if the player catalog the songs so it doesn't have to search all the time.
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    Your first two suggestions may be OS level issues, so I don't know if I can change them. The app does read M3U playlists. However, due to the current lack of a full file API, you will not be able to write them back to the phone. For the moment, the playlists can be edited or created, but will be saved to the phones internal database.


    Another forum member is currently working on a scrobbler. I don't know how far along he is, but I may talk to him to see about making my app compatible with his scrobbler. However, until publishes a Pre client, that will be a low priority.

    That is not a bad idea. I could conceivably keep a cache of the library contents in the phone's internal databse. The only drawback is that a user would have to force a refresh or the app would do one every n days. It is certainly an interesting feature to explore.
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    There is one feature that I would absolutely love.

    The only thing I miss from my creative zen player was a button it had called "Album of the day". Pressing this button picked a random album and started playing it from track 1. I loved this, mostly because it meant I didn't have to go through the hassle of trying to find an album to listen to, I just press pick one from random enough times until I"m happy. IT also makes picking an album while driving easy.
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    Blubble, I can't wait for this awesome looking app. Will you be doing some beta testing with others involved? And the all important question is the price you will be looking at when it does go into the App Store?
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    Could you look at putting secondary and preference material on THE BACK SIDE of the application card.... using the same paradigm as Widgets on Apple MacOSX... ie. flip the card for more options....

    Best of luck
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    I like the album of the day idea. I will put it on my to do list.

    I think about $100 is right

    Actually, I haven't decided whether to charge or not. If I do it will just be a buck or two. The only reason I would consider charging is that Palm requires that you provide a support website and email for any App Catalog apps.

    I will say that anyone that was the first to suggest a feature that I use will definitely get it free and will go in the credit screen.

    That seems interesting. I will give it some thought.
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    BTW, A huge thanks to everyone that has submitted ideas and feature requests. I want to make this an app that users love to use. Some of the ideas submitted have been really great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post

    Did someone say "SHOUTcast?"

    (I'm in Shoutcast's Partner Program, so it has to be approved by them before I can release it in any way--including App Catalog, as I'm in the SDK program--after I'm finished. But it's on my Pre right now and working for Top 50 and Genre drilldown.)
    Yippy, can't cant wait to see it completed.
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    I think it's great that vanadium is making that ShoutCast app. I will be sure to check it out once he publishes it. He was kind enough to start a thread devoted to it. Please post your comments to that thread so he is sure to see them.

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    Great stuff! When you're ready to beta test let me know.
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    I have a feature request: Have the app look for audio files in the the usb drive folders and allow playback of them and adding into playlists.

    If you've rooted your Pre, there's a hack that allows you to download files to the usb drive folders. It'll be awesome to be able to download and play music from the web on our Pre's without a computer.
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    nice to see people working to expand functionality of the Pre. keep up the great work!
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    Here is a quick and short preview of a little portion of the app. Sorry about the shaky-cam view, but it was 1:30 am last night and I couldn't find my tripod.

    As I've said before, it is definitely a work in progress. You'll notice some debug code and a minor quirk with the time display. I have a lot more stuff working, but it is still sort of in pieces. A lot of really cool features, including some of your suggestions, are in the works. Since this is a dev community, I thought some of you might like having a glimpse.

    I just met with one of my graphic designers at the office and he is really excited to make a few skins for the app. This guy is a really great designer and will make the skins look really good.

    Unfortunately, this forum doesn't seem to allow embedded video, so here is a link.

    You might want to turn down the volume a bit.

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    Great demo video! Looking good so far. Love the drag and drop playlist song re-arrangement feature.

    Shuffle/random play feature coming, I hope?
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    Thanks. Shuffle/random play will definitely be a feature.
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