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    Play controls at the top did seem a bit odd, but not a huge deal. Would prefer them at the bottom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galtish View Post
    Play controls at the top did seem a bit odd, but not a huge deal. Would prefer them at the bottom.
    I agree, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    Looks fantastic! Like others are saying, can't wait to use it
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    I can understand the feedback about preferring to have the play controls at the bottom.

    I chose to put them at the top due to space issues. Whenever you hit the volume button, the resulting volume bar covers the button icons on the bottom for a few seconds. Also, really big notifications can cover them up a bit as well. There is enough room for small notifications like emails, etc. Consequently, I decided to put the less critical buttons along the bottom.

    However, if there is a general consensus that users would prefer the play/pause, previous and next buttons on the bottom and don't mind them being temporary obscured from time to time, I could easily make that change.

    Alternatively, we could make the whole interface a lot smaller, but that would leave a lot of wasted space on the bottom. I'd rather avoid that.

    What are your thoughts people?
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    That's a great point, Blubble. I hate having the play controls blocked by the overlays. I'm willing to give it a shot as is. Also glad to see you made the buttons larger and gave them more spacing.
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    I think the buttons at top are a great idea.. Carry on The pre will shortly become my daily MP3 player
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    Would it be possible to have the play controls at the bottom, floating, so they bubble up as notifications appear? (always staying above the fold similar to the native player)

    Edit: The bottom is an easier area to to use during one handed operation.
    Edit2: It's really hard to tell without testing. On tweed, it's difficult to access the "Go to top/bottom" menu because it's near the top of the screen.
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    Yes. They could be set up that way, but there just isn't any space for them to float up. My app has a lot more controls on the screen than the stock app. There is a whole other row of buttons and the slider. Consequently, the only way to open up more space would be to make the album art smaller. From all of the feedback I've gotten, I think that most users would not like the album art to be much smaller.

    However, everyone should keep in mind that this is just the first skin for this app. For the first version, I will be releasing this skin in a few different color palettes. In the future free updates, I will be adding new skins with completely different layouts including landscape capable layouts and skins for the smaller Palm EOS screen.

    Eventually, users will be able to create their own completely custom skins and layouts. I will publish some documentation and will release the skin html, css and image files for users to have as a guide.

    One thing to remember is that I will continue to support and improve this app. This is just the very first version. There is a lot more to come as far as features and improvements.
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    Looks good so far, but not as nice as the mockup. A few ideas / things I noticed:

    1. The home screem has random blues and grays surrounding the categories. Should be a uniformed look...solid color or a gradiant border fitting in with the background. That way it will look smooth.

    2. The now playing screen rewind play and fast forward buttons are like a knock off of the stock player. They should either resemble it closer(looks better in my opinion) by pushing them together and separating with a border like the stock app, or break from the style completely.

    3. Now playing screen has weird blue background mix. The background gradiant makes the album art blue square look inconsistent from the left to the right side of it, and blends weird because of it. The song title blue box intersects with it odd because of this too. There should not be 3 blue gradient boxes all on the same screen, its to much. Leep it simple!

    I was a programmer myself for a few years and also the designer for various sites. I would be willing to help with this stuff a bit, because as much as I've been waiting for this, it'd be nice if it wasn't being held back from small asthetic things that take away from it.
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    @xcomputerman & obscura,

    Yep. I live in the Sugar Land area. Maybe we can do a meetup one day. However, you will be seeing a bunch of new demo videos within the next few days. I would post some tonight, but I am hitting the rock climbing gym after work and will be dog tired after that
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    very interesting location play idea. great UI, too!
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    with the now playing, what happens if we do not have album art?

    also will there be an option that the whole background of the now playing is the album art?
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    The previous mockups were not complete and I have had to make some changes for a variety of reasons. Over all, I am pleased with how it's looking.

    To address your points...

    1. I think you are just seeing compression artifacts from the JPEG. TinyPic recompresses uploaded images quite a bit. I used PNG images for the actual app and you don't see any of that artifacting. The background on all pages is a smooth gradient.

    2. There are only so many ways to do play and next/previous buttons. Those are the standard icons that people are used to. Also, keep in mind that Palm requires that apps not stray too far from the WebOS "look". I personally don't like that the stock buttons are so close together. It makes for tiny tap targets so I spaced mine apart on purpose. Whether they look better or not is pretty subjective.

    3. I think you are seeing some of the same JPEG artifacts on this screen as well. However, you are right about the album art area on the bottom right. It looks weird and I have already asked the designer to fix that and he agreed. As a programmer, you know how the pixel pushers can be when they get a vision in their heads

    I do appreciate your input. I really don't want to throw another cook into the mix so close to release, but if you are interested in working on a skin concept, I'd be more than happy to see it. I could provide you with some guidelines and even a PSD or two to use as a gudie. I don't think I could get it included in the first release due to time constraints, but if it looks good, I would be willing to include it in an update.

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    @d0lph1nK1ng, Thanks man. Glad you like it. You are one prolific developer. Keep all those great apps coming.
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    When there is no album art for a song, the screen will look like this. However, the graphics and text in the background are a little too light, so I am going to have the designer make them a little more opaque.

    There is currently not a full screen album art feature, but a lot of people have asked for it, so I will be adding that.
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    Can you give us an eta on when you can begin Homebrew testing?

    - Craig
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    I have no plans to release the app in the homebrew library. There is limited beta testing going on already and I will be adding beta testers next week, but there will not be a public beta released via the homebrew route.

    I will be submitting the app to the App Catalog very soon. Hopefully, Palm will accept it and make it available as soon as they allow paid apps.
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    How about landscape view of the app? Can we see some images or will it be covered in the video?
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    The landscape skin is not ready yet. We are working to finish it.
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    any other codecs?
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    I understand your point about the now playing layout and respect your decision on keeping it the way it is. Really appreciate you taking the time out on fully explaining problems that can come up with the screen on the default layout.

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