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    A bit off topic, but Blubble I'd appreciate your take on this none the less. It worries me that we're seeing such poor playback performance in the music and video player apps. The chip powering the pre is a beast on paper, with dedicated hardware for audio/video playback - does webOS just not take advantage of this, or are we just dealing with Palm having to rush the Pre out the door and not having time to optimize such things?
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    It appears to be a symptom of the way the SDK is set up. Running scripts on top of what is essentially a web browser is not nearly as efficient as running a compiled app. I really hope that Palm eventually opens up a C++ or at least Java based SDK. If and when they do, I will likely port my app. It will also allow devs to write games and other software that can take true advantage of the great hardware.
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    Looks great Blubble, I also can't wait for this to come out. You may have answered these already, and my apologies if you have.

    One thing I actually like about the stock app is that I can pause/play using the Palm headphones. Is that something your app will be able to do? I also like that it automatically pauses whatever you're listening to if the headphones are removed, which has saved me from some embarrassing situations. I would love if your app did that also.

    One other thing, I've found that the stock music app becomes a bit less responsive if I load up an MP3 over 100MB in size (which I sometimes do when listening to audiobooks). I know you said your app is snappier, does it stay as snappy with larger audio files being loaded?

    One feature I'd like to see down the line is an option to enable/disable album art. I don't always want people to know exactly what I'm listening to.

    Also with regards to the larger audiobook sized files, how accurate is the scrubber? I have some files that are 5+ hours long, and I find that difficult to navigate sometimes with just a scrubber. Will there possibly be some type of easy gesture for a 15/30 second jump?

    I hope some of these suggestions help - I can't wait to buy this app!
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    to add to veelo2's post, with the headphones, in the iphones ipod, double tapping the button on the mic changes tot he next songs, will this also be possible?
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    @ veelo2 & shaffaaf27

    Unplugging the headphones does pause the music. I tried it last night and it works. I just have to add some even handler code to switch the play/pause button icon when you unplug the headphones. I haven't implemented the play/pause with the headphone button yet, but I plan to do that this week. It should be pretty easy and so it should be in the first release.

    I am not sure if the double tap would work to skip to the next song. I don't think there is a double key press event in the SDK. I suppose I could add some interval checking code in the key press event handler to make it work that way. If it isn't too much of a pain, I will add that feature. Otherwise, it may have to be a v1.1 feature.
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    I honestly have not tried it with such large audio files. I'll have to dig some up to test with. Do you have any recommendations as to where I could get such large audio files(preferably free)?

    The app will have a skip 30 command, but for now it will be a keyboard only option. I don't want to crowd the screen interface any more than necessary, so you will have to just press the P key to skip forward 30 seconds. If it is a big issue, I could also add a skip 15 second command to the O key.

    The no album art setting is certainly doable. However, it will have to wait for a future update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post

    I honestly have not tried it with such large audio files. I'll have to dig some up to test with. Do you have any recommendations as to where I could get such large audio files(preferably free)?
    Look up DJ Doboy. I think he posts his mixes for free still and they are 100mb+ mp3s.
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    Cool. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the response, Blubble. 15 second skip is unnecessary if there is a 30 second skip, I was just bringing them up as an either/or.

    I'm happy to hear you're taking the other suggestions into consideration for v1.1

    If you're unable to find a large 100+ MB file, I'll upload one of my audiobooks tonight and send you a download link.

    With regards to skipping the track using the headphone button, the stock music app does indeed skip to the next track if you click twice, so I'm guessing there is some sort of code there you may be able to look at?
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    Thanks. Please go ahead and upload an audiobook. It would be best to test with the specific type of file that is giving you problems.

    I already have a method in mind for enabling the double tap on the headphone button. It really shouldn't be very difficult.
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    I PM'd you the URL.
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    Here are some updated screenshots. Unlike the last set, these are not Photoshop mockups. These are screenshots of the fully functional app. I will post a series of demo videos by this weekend, but thought I'd share these with you for the moment.

    Home Screen
    - The app name is wrong. It will actually be released as NaNplayer, not NaNmp3. The designer got that wrong and is fixing it for me.

    Now Playing
    - This is the now playing screen. This is pretty close to the final look for the first skin. I may have the designer do a few minor tweaks, but I am pretty happy with the clean look. In addition to the on screen buttons, you will have a full set of keyboard commands to control playback.

    Bookmarks List
    - Bookmarks are the custom playlists you can create using the app. As you can see, some bookmarks also save your time and place in a particular song or podcast you were listening to. These bookmark lists can be made up of songs, albums, artists or genres. You have complete flexibility in creating your lists.

    Location Play
    - This is the screen you see if you try to use Location Play in a place where you have not saved a Location Bookmark(playlist). The app offers you the option to save the location and assign a bookmark(playlist).

    Location Save
    - If you decide to save a location, you see this screen. This lets you name a location and assign a bookmark(playlist) to it. after you set this up once, you just click the Location Play button on the Home Screen and the app automatically gets your location and plays the assigned music.

    Location Setup
    - Here, you can rename your locations or assign a different bookmark(playlist) to a recorded location.

    I hope you like the screenshots. They are only a quick taste of things to come. There is lots more to see and the upcoming videos should really give you a taste of how flexible, responsive and user friendly the first version of this app is.
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    Wow, looks great! Can't wait, been following your app since the begining
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    Same here Blubble, nothing but the highest remarks, been watching from the beginning, this is evolving beautifully and quite quickly for the quality of the work and thought process going into this app. Cant wait to get my hands on location playlists
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    Blubble... this is looking awesome! Can't wait to try it out. I didn't read all 15 pages of the thread - do you have some functionality built in that allows you to basic song control when the Pre is locked (without unlocking it)? Pause, Play, and Next Song would be great if they were available when the Pre was locked.
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    Wow, new screens look great! Clean, classy, great icons.
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    like it but when is it finally going to be released.
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    The location and bookmarking features are absolutely amazing, beyond my expectations. You've put a lot of work into this and it shows. This app definitely be a blockbuster in the app catalog.

    One thing that I notice though is how the Now Playing screen is set up. I would figure the extra features would be at the top rather than the bottom and the playback buttons to be at the bottom with the progress bar.

    If you prefer to have it as you already do, then don't listen to me. Either way it'll still have the same functionality.
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    Heh ... Blubble -- apparently you live not too far from me

    Really, great work on this. I am eagerly looking forward to it and will happily pay whatever the price tag is to get this app on my phone. I've got a few friends who would be absolutely delighted to have an app like this as well, so keep up the good work. I wish more app developers spent more time like this to interact with end users and get their feedback while taking time to develop a high quality application. Like Kyusaku said, this is going to be a blockbuster app -- it will likely rival Pandora or even exceed it in downloads.
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    Oh heh, Y'all live near me too! Let's do a meetup somewhere like CoffeeGroundz. :-) Dyin' to see NaNplayer in action.

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