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    For now, I have a Filter List for the artist, album and song views. Each will allow you to do a text search. However, I am planning on adding a universal music search that will search all three fields at once.

    That is precisely one of the things I don't like about the stock app. I will definitely be adding home and now playing buttons to all the pages. In fact, I was talking to the designer about that yesterday. I hadn't given much thought to direct shortcuts to all the different views, but it might be worth adding them to a slideout of some kind or at least to the main application menu in the top left.
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    Any new updates on this app?
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    I'm making good progress. I finished the GPS playlist features over the weekend. I am waiting on graphics from the designer to finish up the first beta version.
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    I have a design suggestion: For the main scene, you can try implementing blind user control. This gives the user 5 directions for navigation: onscreen left, right, up, down swipe and tap. This should also be doable from any point on the screen but preferably near the center for your velocity calculation to remove unwanted gestures.

    Settings can be reached through the top left corner's popup menu. In the settings, it would be awesome for the user to place what they want for each of the five shortcuts as well as a way to change the notification of which direction you went, ie. like a 'chime' for left and 'ding' for right or an actual person saying "left" or "albums".

    I also believe that this method has its downfalls but I'm sure some would like to try it out. It's sort of like cover flow since it's more of a gimmick but i feel like it could become natural and necessary in the future of touchscreens.

    Thinking about it now, navigation could continue that way for more scenes.

    I don't know if this was talked about before, but I haven't seen any implementation near it except for the blind dialing I saw on engadget and gizmodo some time ago. In that they implemented the whole dialpad so it had about 9+ gestures.

    Anyway, I like the progress of the app and graphics!

    Edit: I found the link.
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    Bump: Update =D ?
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    The designer is finishing up the last round of changes. The main screen now looks more like the artist list view I posted earlier. We are working out the interface buttons and icons.

    On the functionality side, besides the location play feature, I have added a shake to shuffle feature. If you are listening to your music, you just give the phone a good shake and it automatically shuffles the song. Unfortunately, the accelerometer shaking event only seems to fire when the screen is on.

    I am also adding a shake to play feature. When you are on the homepage, you shake the phone and the app will play a random bookmark(playlist as explained below) from the ones you've created in the app.

    I am a little torn about how to handle playlists in the interface. The Mojo API won't let you edit standard M3u playlists. You can still play any m3u playlists that you copy or sync to your phone, but you can't edit them or delete them.

    Consequently, I have created an entire custom playlist system that allows you to create your own playlists directly in the app. For the moment, I am calling them bookmarks to avoid confusion with standard M3u playlists that you create on your PC. You can some screenshot examples a few pages back in this thread.

    I currently have a separate page for m3u playlist and my custom bookmark playlists. I am thinking about just putting them together and maybe having a tab to pick between the two different types. Another option is to not support m3u playlists at all, but I think that would be inconvenient for a lot of users. I just want to avoid confusion for end users, especially those that aren't tech savvy. I am particularly concerned about using the term bookmark as it is not exactly clear.

    What are some thoughts on the playlists vs. bookmarks issue?
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    The idea of that type of gesture based interface is interesting. I've used them in the past when working with 3D animation software. They are efficient, but I am not sure that they are terribly intuitive for those that aren't familiar with them. It's not the kind of thing you can pick up and use without reading some instructions. I will give it some thought for future versions, but I am trying to finish up this first one without adding too much more in the way of features.
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    I hope the shake to shuffle or random playlist is something the user can turn off. I don't want it to engage when I'm out jogging and it is bouncing around in my pocket.
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    Yes. It will be something you can turn off. Also, I set the shake threshold fairly high so it doesn't go off accidentally. You have to give it a really good shake to make it shuffle.
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    How about calling the bookmark, savedlist?
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    I've been leaning towards just calling them songlists, although I'd really prefer to just go with the term playlist.
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    songlists might confuse people with the entire list of songs on their phone
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    How about 'Metalist'! I thought that it would be perfect because what 'Bookmarks' actually are, is a list of songs that is very changeable. Especially with all the new features Bubble is adding. Oh, and it sound cool too!
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    I like that. MetaList could work since they can be lists of songs, albums, artists or even genres. Good suggestion. Thanks!
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    Hi Blubble,
    I have a feature request. My hobby is to go to Used CD shops and buy a bunch of old CDs then rip them to mp3s on my computer. I then copy them to my Pre and listen through them all BUT most importanly I want to permanently delete the tracks I don't like. I know the Mojo I/O doesn't currently allow deleting files, but could you possibly do the following.... your music app, when you flick away a song (thus removing it from a playlist/metalist), can you then have your music app automatically write to a log file (like a .txt file) thus keeping track of the names of all songs removed from the playlist? This way I can later go onto my computer, open the log and see what tracks need to be deleted off of my computer.

    ... or... maybe it would be even easier for you to have your app automatically create a playlist/metalist of all "deleted" tracks. Then in the same fashion I can later go onto my computer and delete all the tracks that I see in the Deleted Tracks Playlist.

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    Great design and app man! Keep it up!
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    jreally like the spinwheel idea. I wonder if this is even possible? Would be a feature I'd love to include in my designs as it would make pages less cluttered for items that you won't need all the time onscreen.
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    Hows the app coming
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    I'm interested were you are in the app too. I know that all you have left is adding a few more features and skinning it, but I could really use maybe another estimated release date. It sounds like it may take a little bit long that you had planned when saying that you would have it out by the App Catalogue release. Or maybe some more teaser pics to keep up leashed! I still think that you should get a few trillion bucks for this project! Keep up the great work and fun doing it!!!!!
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    Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really busy with other things this last week. I'll be focusing heavily on finishing up the beta this week. I'll have more pics and a video very soon.

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