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    Im trying to use the Palm tools that come with Mojo to build and install packages. However, I always get this:

    \Palm\SDK\share\jars\%j was unexpected at this time.

    Im running this on Win 7 RC 64 bit, installed into Program Files instead of the (x86) folder. Does this have something to do with it or am I missing something?

    I obtained a 64 bit SWT jar file and replaced it but the program gives the same error.
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    Trick is to copy over the folder from "Program Files (x86)" to "Program Files".
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    Quote Originally Posted by pnapalm View Post
    Trick is to copy over the folder from "Program Files (x86)" to "Program Files".
    I did.
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    Having the same problem
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    What version of JDK are you both using? 32 or 64-bit?

    I installed both, just to be sure.

    EDIT: And, running the exe? Or the batch-script?
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    palm-package.bat is what Im running.

    Not sure which version of JDK I have. I just downloaded one and have Update 14.
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    It is best to change the install path for the SDK to c:\palm\sdk

    I made a post earlier this week with the exact steps I used to make it work on Vista 64bit.

    Follow those steps exactly and you should get it working.

    Once you have the emulator running, run the palm-package and palm-install bats from within c:\palm\sdk\bin
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    Ok all good now. Thanks.

    Just installed Services.

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