Not sure if this is the right place - but this is going to get technical ... so I thought I'd post in the dev area. I've been reading up on the Synergy service and looking at application examples ... and I'm wondering why a Twitter account wasn't registered by the Twitter application as an instant messaging provider?

It seems that there are two distinct messaging models: SMS/IM and eMail, and anything that wants to be a Synergy account user needs to pick one or the other. One of the (only) things that I liked about my Blackberry was that eMail, SMS, IM, and Phone calls were all lumped together in one giant communication vat. I don't see that there's a way to do that with WebOS/Mojo.

Synergy's security model (not allowing accounts to access each other's Synergized data) solves a lot of account synchronization issues, but seems to create some other headaches for developers.

Consider an application that would send a "message" to a group. Since Synergy doesn't natively support groups, the application would have to keep info about the members of the group. When you choose to send a message to the group, the user would need to have some way to choose which conduit of communication to use to send the message.

Given all this, how might the third party community build an application to support some of the contact stuff that is missing or intentionally not addressed by Palm? The Twitter applications sidestep the issue by not creating a Synergy account or attempting to link Twitter contact info.

Here are some use cases that don't seem to be easy or supported using Synergy in its pre-release form:

Grouping contacts.
Sending a generic message to a group (email or SMS - could be different for each group entry).
Automatically creating birthday events from linked contacts.
Inviting a group to an event via a shared Calendar.
Sending a tweet to a contact.

Given that the documentation is very very spotty (and unreleased), and the SDK is perhaps in a nascent form, I may be jumping the gun; but, is my analysis wrong?