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    following the dev wiki when trying to add launcher pages, i navigate to /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/launcher-assistant.jsjsjs $and$ $it$ $says$ $permission$ $denied$. $Any$ $idea$ $what$ $the$ $problem$ $may$ $be$? $I$ $am$ $in$ $root$ $access$ $the$ $root$@$castle$. $any$ $help$ $would$ $be$ $great$. $Thanks$
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    bump i'm having the same issue. i'm using vista x64
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    Mounted the filesystem as rewriteable? Mount -o remount,rw /
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    figured out what my problem was. lazy maybe you are doing the same thing. I forgot to put the vi before the launcher-assistant.jsjsjs $so$ $it$ $was$ $trying$ $to$ $load$ $instead$ $of$ $going$ $in$ $to$ $edit$. $Simple$ $mistake$ $i$ $figured$ $out$ $on$ $my$ $own$ $lol$.
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    is there anyway this can be turned into an ipk file so that it can be sideloaded onto a stock pre using the sdk method??
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    what do you mean by "put the vi before the launcher-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$;?
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    i figured out to add vi but after i make the changes they don't show up after i reboot the phone. how do i save the changes? i couldn't find it here or on pre dev wiki site.
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    In vi you do input :wq which means write and quit.
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    Someone should make an app for those of us with version 1.0.3 that changes the pages? :-) Would that be possible for an app to change?
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    Look up "applying patches" on the wiki. I believe this is one of the available quilt patches. Totally painless.
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    Just tried this, something went wrong, now my launcher screen doesn't come up via gesture or via the button on the dock. And I am unable to root back into it. Any ideas on how to restore?
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    WebOS doctor.
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    You will probably have to download the WebOS Doctor and do a restore.

    link: predev. wikidot .com/pre-not-booting-webos-doctor-how-to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khidr View Post
    Look up "applying patches" on the wiki. I believe this is one of the available quilt patches. Totally painless.
    Yes it is, totally painless indeed! I think we should promote the developers to contribute through that GIT service, that is simplicity at its finest!

    As for manual editing I've started to just use the "cp" command to make a ".bak" copy of the file I'm editing in the same folder then use "vi" to do the editing.

    Within vi remember that you have to press "ESC" to enter command mode where you can enter commands like :wq, :w, :q, :q!, etc... To go back to input mode you just press "i" and you will be able to type again. To be absolutely clear on its proper usage just google "pre dev wiki" and have a window with the "standard linux usage" help page open that tells you how to manipulate standard commands like cp, mv, ls, etc... and how to use vi properly.

    Also word of warning and general guideline (that I learned form reading the "applying patches") section of the wiki is that any manual change that you do should be reverted whenever Palm issues an OTA update before you apply said update. Also any patches applied using quilt should be reverted as well.
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    No one ever mentions this, but in vi, doing :x will automatically save and quit as well At least it has in my experience.

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