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    I got virtual box and the palm emulator up and running. I generated, packaged and installed a few apps to test it out and so far so good. The only thing that didn't work for me was the installation of the Mojo Bundle in TextMate (can I manually do this?) and for some reason my Palm Inspector app crashes each time I try and open it (Safari) do I need to install something else to fix that?

    Let me know, I can only find windows threads on here.

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    The Inspector does absolutely nothing for me. I have no idea what the purpose of it is. If anyone can tell me I'd be grateful.

    Also I don't think the SDK comes with a Textmate bundle at all. I believe you can get this when you have 'real' developer access at Palm.
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    I figured the inspector was a version or add-on for safari that would allow the Mojo framework to render a preview of your app while coding. How else would you preview what you're making other than packaging and installing the app each time you make a change? Does anyone know if I have this wrong?

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    i think you are right, when i open inspector on my mac i net a new safari icon and new version of safari opens, but crashes within a second or two.

    has anyone got it working?
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    No help here, either - my Inspector crashes all the time as well.

    Where'd you find the TextMate bundle? Was it included with the leak?
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    we can look thru here for some clues file:///Applications/

    and inspector.html

    look promising
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    Anyone figure this out yet? I'm still at work and haven't had time to look into it much more but I'm still getting the crash in Safari after launching the Palm Inspector.

    Here is the error log:

    Symbol not found: __ZN3WTF15ThreadCondition9timedWaitERNS_5MutexEd
    Referenced from: /Applications/
    Expected in: /Applications/Palm
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    Oh and the textmate was not in the bundle, I already own it so I was wondering of there was the bundle (code bundle) somewhere in the leaked sdk that could be loaded into textMate.


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