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    Hi schoksi,

    I'm really interested in your Chicago bus tracker app and wanted to see how its going. I actually use a iphone like web app that I think you may have developed. (I found it on another board from a post from choksi). Its been pretty helpful.

    I wish I could help but know nothing about programming. But if you would like someone to help test out early versions of the app here in Chicago once you get it up and running, let me know. I would be happy to give it a try and give you feedback.
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    Im trying to accomplish the same, I know how to load/save and print sql. But not sure how to make a Widget list with data from the database. Hopefully they will post some good examples.. The examples in the sdk are not enough for me. I'll keep looking.
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    Hey schoksi, I can't send private messages, but let me know if you have something to test and we'll work out a way for you to get it to me. Thanks.
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    Anyone willing to do a quick & dirty tutorial on the basics...CRUD???

    - Code Samples
    - WHERE code goes (in models directory, in app, etc)
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    Hi all,

    I'm really interested in the solution to use a local prepopulated database in my application.
    I tested many advices issued from yhis forum but i'm still in the glue !

    Here is my need:
    In my app, i want only display fields corresponding to a selected data.

    For example, if i select the name "SMITH", i want to display his phone number, lastname, address, ...

    All these records are in a local prepopulated database and i don't know how to create it and where this db must be stored.

    Could you please point me in the right direction.
    Sample or tutorial could be appreciated.

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    Hello Experts,

    Could someone please explain how to make a JSON file for my SQLite database. And how do i convert it into SQLite, while installation using AJAX call.
    I am totally new to WebOS development and i needs to insert around 3 MB of data. Help me to get rid of this.

    Nagarajan T.
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    Any ideas????

    Nagarajan T.
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