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    This is a really horrible palm pre app. It has no mojo in it at all... It's a direct port of a decade old javascript calculator program. It uses (for golly's sake) imagemaps.

    but it works and it's a NON RPN calculator available _now_.

    warning... if you don't have a capacitative stylus and have big fingers like me, the key targets in the function grid are a bit small.

    but it does work. (there are disfunctional buttons... sorry.)

    anyway, enjoy. I don't know how much attention I can pay this, but the source is just setting there so someone else feel free to move on.

    source zip

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    Bad url on the ipk link.
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    Can you attach a screen shot for the rest of us on here? Orange + Sym + P
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    ipk url fixed. Screenshot added.

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