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    Quick question, when the pre dev wiki mentions to uncomment a line does that simply mean to delete everything in the line? Thanks
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    Usually uncommenting means keeping the contents of the line, but removing the comment code that would disable the line of code from executing.
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    In javascript this comments a line of code: //

    This will comment a block of code (whatever is between): /* */

    So to uncomment you remove those characters. Def don't delete the code following them, you probably want the functionality they provide.
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    No do not delete the whole line...

    When writing code your able to add 'comment lines' these lines better organize code. And do not effect the program. However programmers will often turn a line of code into a comment line if they don't want that line of code to preform a function but want it there for future use (as to not re-write the code).

    The later is your scenario... typically its one or two characters at the beginning of a line, I haven't got into my pre yet but I believe I read the comment code was (*... don't delete anything until someone more knowledgeable can tell you what exactly to delete.

    Edit: see above post (as I was incorrect on what the comment code was)
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    Thanks for your help. The reason why I asked is because I am in the process of learning all this stuff, so I am trying to mess with the craigslist app so I dont mess up anything the phone needs and break the phone lol. So thanks again for all the replies.

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