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    While I was looking at the blenderartists forum i came across this,
    Blender 3D Model in JavaScript
    So i got the Source and made it work on the Emulator it cuts off but still work

    this is not my code
    , i just decided to see if it works
    and it did

    and heres the thread

    3d.png <---Download ipk
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    That's cool! But it's uber-slow and choppy, at least on my work PC which is kind of old. Haven't yet tried it on my Pre; how's the animation on it?
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    at first its not that choppy, I forgot to mention that
    you can move it around with the Q,W,E,A,S,D keys
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    Cool, but the processor on the Pre supports OpenGL 2 for mobile and has essentially the same gpu as the iPhone 3GS, so let's hope we get some way to access that.

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