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    Does any one know how to make the Launcher background completely transparent so that the icons pop up over the the wallpaper. I think it would look nicer then that smoked out gray with the slight transparency.
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    i would like to see this aswell. i was hoping the launcher was listed in the applications section but no go there... i wonder if its built into the luna sysmgr?


    ok i looked that the launcher.css and scrim.png apears to be the grey overlay we are getting. i removed the line referencing that file and refreshed my launcher... nothing, renamed the file... refreshed launcher... nothing.


    ok with a reboot i have a clear launcher however there is a small gray transparency at the bottom... going to try and remove that then will post an update
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    yes it is built into luna sysmgr which is also why you cannot remove the launcher icon
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    cd /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/stylesheets
    vi launcher.css
    comment out the following background lines by adding /* to the beginning and */ to the end of the line
    Under .root {
    background: url(../images/scrim.png)
    Under .launcher_fade_bottom {
    background: url(../images/launcher-page-fade-bottom.png) 
    Under .launcher_fade_top {
    background: url(../images/launcher-page-fade-top.png)
    save and reboot
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    and great idea BTW... looks sooo much better
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    I LOVE the way it looks!

    Personally, I would've preferred a MUCH lighter transparency... but this is pretty cool too...

    maybe someone can make an app that has a slider so you can pick the level, and each level that you pick, links the to a different function in launcher.css?


    If only I was good at coding... : /

    I can make the app easily... I just can't get it to link up to launcher.css...

    anyone wanna help me do that?
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    all you have to do is replace the png files with moded versions with a lighter transparency.

    you could even change the colors... i may play with them :/
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    how do I access the luna sysmgr?

    I am like a sponge right now learning all these cool tricks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordelfkin View Post
    all you have to do is replace the png files with moded versions with a lighter transparency.

    you could even change the colors... i may play with them :/
    Yeah you can replace the png files, but if you have an app that will do this dynamically, I think having a pile of png files and just switching with function is called would be easiest... just imho...

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    well yes... i agree, but in the meantime
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    Doesn't the Pre support CSS3? If so, you can use background-color RGBA, so instead of a background image, you use the tag background-color: rgba(0,0,0,X) where X is the opacity (1, .75, .5, .25, 0) etc. Easier to dynamically change, and has the added benefit of the color being changeable. So you could make a semi-transparent blue background or whatever. That's, of course, assuming the Pre supports it...
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    Also... is it possible for apps to change things in the luna sysmgr?
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    is there a thread that can help me understand all thats going on. Im not computer illiterate, i just need something to start from...any help guys?
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    cool, anyone want to share a screenshot?
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    i would like to be able to do this w/o rooting my phone ; ;
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    just did it...

    tbh i think its fugly and i immediately changed it back but whatever you guys like..
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    yeah I changed it back too... it's too... weird... I dunno... I prefer the original one... although... as I stated earlier, i'd like the transparency to be selectable. That would be nice. We'll see if that ever gets done.

    It looks nice but... I like the original way better.
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    I made the original images a blue tint and I think it's pretty cool. Here they are for anyone interested.
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