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    - file explorer
    - emulators (snes, nes, gbc, gba, etc.)
    - facebook app
    - bluetooth explorer (send files)

    ....surprise me with everything else
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    I'd pay for a Google Voice app that has VoIP capabilities.
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    After paying $200 for the phone, and if they want to be a serious competitor with iPhone, they need to cough up a lot of free stuff, and fix simple things like allowing flexible notifications, voice mail ringer, and video camera functionality, for a start. Instead they offer "classic" for $29.99. What a deal.
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    Id pay for a good tone generator
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    i would definitely pay for games. I played battlefield on the iphone and loved it. if someone could figure out how to port it into the pre i would pay for it.
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    Games. I've bought a lot of games for my ipod touch, and I expect to buy a lot of games for my pre. I really want really good and nice looking version of Chess for the pre. I know there is a homebrew application out, but it seems like the chess engine sucks.
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    Having had both a treo in the past and most recently an iPhone I would be willing to pay for apps. However I would not be willing to pay the prices that treo apps were fetching back in the day. The one app I did purchase was Pocket Tunes and that was for streaming music only - I'm would not re-buy it for the Pre at the price I paid several years ago (appx $20 IIRC.)

    I would be interested in a premium weather app (something with better animated radar) and maybe the video forecasts - along the lines of the premium WeatherBug and The Weather Channel apps on the iPhone. I would also be interested in a streaming music application - something like wunderradio on the iPhone. I firmly feel the success of the Pre (and palm in general) is based on the ability of the App Catalog to succeed. And in order for the App Catalog to succeed you'll need to directly compete with Apple's App Store and keep prices more in line with prices there.
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    Full function text messaging app. Got clients texting & was able to respond 50% of the time from the Quick Text box. Seems like a huge step backward to not have this capability along with forwarding in this phone. Still irritated about it after a month everytime I open the texting app. Also Pocket Express had address lookup & reverse phone directory that I used frequently. Would pay for either one of these.
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    After been using a lot of excellent free (as in beer) software the last couple of years (Firefox, Linux, Paint.NET etc. etc.) I really feel that my will to pay for software is approaching null. Since the WebOs has its roots in Linux I really hope that we will see the great open source spirit blossom on it (and not that it becomes like WiMo where people try to sell simple clock applications for $30).

    Just my 0.02.
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    Logmein Ignition

    Iphone and itouch have it. i want this so much.
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